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What Students Say

We asked CMU students what surprised them about their time at CMU. Here’s what they had to say:


"My four years at CMU allowed me to discover who I am--who I am as a follower of God and as a citizen of the world."

"People are so personally invested at CMU...I've discovered more about myself at CMU than I ever expected. I've discovered really amazing professors who are doing incredible life changing work day after day."

"CMU caught my eye because of its course options. I came looking for a strong blend of faith and academics, and my expectations have been exceeded."

“I’m going into a very competitive field, and I knew that I could find extra help and support here. I knew about the higher standards and I believed that CMU could contribute to my success in the field.”

“The science program involves a whole integration of ethics, world relations, and the wellbeing of others, which I think will be very helpful in my work as a veterinarian, and generally as a human being too. I really appreciate that."

"I have found a place where opening up about faith—in all its shapes and sizes—is welcomed and appreciated."

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