Rosemary Vogt

Assistant Professor, Redekop School of Business

Rosemary Vogt


Redekop School of Business




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Rosemary has a PhD focusing on organizational leadership and administration from the University of North Dakota. She became interested in organizational behavior in 2010 as a result of assuming various leadership roles in collaborative projects between Red River College and the provincial government during the design, development, and delivery of alternative models of program delivery targeted specifically, although not exclusively, at distributed populations in marginalized regions.

Rosemary also developed a program in 2009 to promote community capacity building in northern Manitoba in a collaborative initiative between Frontiers Foundation and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Rosemary's experiences significantly influenced her doctoral research focusing on higher education program development to meet the needs of the community.

Rosemary's personal experiences in business stem from owning a children's clothing boutique, fostering her family's business in the building trades and managing rental properties. Her research interests and activities have been influenced by her teaching and/or leadership circumstances and have focused on hybrid models of program delivery, constructing collaborative relationships between industry, government, and higher education, as well as understanding the innovative process and knowledge flow between stakeholders in reaching developmental goals.

Rosemary grew up on a dairy/grain farm in southern Manitoba and still marvels at the sight of a herd of cattle or field of canola. Currently, she fellowships at First Mennonite Church in Winnipeg where she contributes to the fostering of Mennonite traditions concerning hospitality with a group identified as Vereneke Vimmen. When Rosemary is not engaged in academia, she enjoys getting dirt under her finger nails in the garden, dishing out hospitality at the dinner table, travelling, photography, and family.

Areas of Teaching

Business and organizational administration, organizational behaviour, business and organizational communication, organizational leadership, human resource management


University of North Dakota

Work in Detail


* Introduction to Business and Organizational Administration

* Organizational Behavior

* Business and Organizational Communication

* Organizational Leadership

* Human Resource Management


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Presentations and Conference Proceedings

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