Research Office

Research Presentations and Discussions

2016-17 Shaftesbury Campus Faculty Forums

Faculty and instructors share their latest research. Attendance open to all. Location (unless otherwise noted): 500 Shaftesbury Blvd, rm C344. Time: 12:00–1:00 PM.

9 October – Paul Dyck, "Predestination and the Capacious Body of Christ: Reading George Herbert's 'The Bag'"

30 October Brian Froese, "Alberta's Apocalypse: Dispensationalism, Anticommunism, and Vacations in Banff"

27 November Tim Rogalsky, "Salvador Dali, Mathematical Mystic"

January (TBA) – Wendy Kroeker 

29 January  Kenton Lobe, "Environmental Assessment: Manitoba Approaches"

26 February Pierre Gilbert, "'You Shall Surely Die!' Reading Genesis 2:17 as a Curse and Blessing Formula: An Argument for the Superfluous Character of Evil"

11 March Dietrich Bartel, "'For We Know Only in Part; And That`s Final!' Johann Mattheson`s Last Musical Musings"

26 March Andrew Dyck, "The Place of Contemplative Practices in the Life of Canadian Mennonite Brethren"


Research Roundtables

Discussions and presentations on research-related topics. Location and time TBA.

24 October – Maureen Epp, "Demystifying the Grant Application Process" (Shaftesbury Campus rm. C244, 1:30–2:30 PM)


MSC Research and Teaching Discussion Series

For faculty and instructors. Location: Menno Simons College (520 Portage Ave), rm 2MS13.

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