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How Can We Help?

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Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions Staff

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Lois Nickel

Lois Nickel

Director of Enrolment Services

Phone: 204.594.0529

Email: lnickel:@:cmu.ca

Contact Lois if you wish to speak to the director of the department.

Maria Shokpeka

Maria Shokpeka

Interim Admissions Coordinator

Phone: 204.487.3300 Extension 656

Email: mshokpeka@cmu.ca

Contact Maria if you are from outside Canada (International), or if you are a transfer student.

Danielle Bailey

Danielle Bailey

Enrolment Coordinator

Phone: 204.594.0537

Email: DJBailey:@:cmu.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/danielle.baileycmu

Contact Danielle to book a campus visit or tour, if you have questions about recruitment events, or if you are from British Columbia.

Alex Tiessen

Alex Tiessen

Admissions Counsellor

Phone: 204.594.0523

Email: atiessen:@:cmu.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/alex.tiessencmu

Contact Alex if you are from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, USA or if you are interested in Redekop School of Business.


Mike Wiebe

Mike Wiebe

Admissions Counsellor

Phone: 204.594.0531

Email: mwiebe:@:cmu.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/mikewiebecmu

Contact Mike if you are from Ontario or if you are interested in Outtatown.



Anika Reynar

Anika Reynar

Admissions Counsellor

Phone:  204-594-0526

Email: AReynar:@:cmu.ca

Facebook: Anika Reynar Cmu

Contact Anika if you are interested in Music, are from Alberta, or are a Homeschool student. 

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