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Resourcing the Church

ReNew: Resourcing Pastors for Ministry

February 6–8, 2017 at CMU

​Stimulating Bible Studies, Inspiring Worship, Powerful Stories, Enriching Fellowship







  • CMU is unable to provide lodging since our residences are full. If you would like a home billet, feel free to contact, or call 204.487.3300.

Opening Our Maps: Becoming Global Congregations

The Christian Church is the body of Christ world-wide.  It transcends geographical and denominational boundaries. Despite this conviction, and despite technology that makes the world smaller, it is easy for congregations to succumb to localism. How might congregations become more global in their world-view, practices and endeavours? What might it mean to be a globally minded congregation, in relationship with the church in other lands, the church of other denominations, and the ethnically diverse church at home?

Keynote Resource: Dr. Jonathan Bonk


ReNew is intended for ALL involved in ministry, within the sponsoring conferences, or any other congregation.

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