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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Adventures

Let's put on a show!  This course is for students who want to have fun, develop stage skills, get in costume, ‎sing, act and put on a real musical. Emphasis will be on group work with less focus on solo performances. There will be opportunities for small ensemble singing and some solo work for those who are comfortable, but the musical will be geared towards performing together in both large and small groups.  Bring your enthusiasm and personality. No previous training required.

This year's musical is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Jr.

Performance date: March 19, 2019
Class minimum: 8 students.  Class maximum: 16 students.

INSTRUCTOR: Maria Cesario
FEES: $395   (26 classes of 60 minutes)


Grades 4 - 8

5:45 - 6:45 PM

Tuesdays (2018/19)

September 11 - March 19


Musical Theatre Expressions*

You be a star!  This course is for students with previous experience in the performing arts who want more emphasis on individual singing and acting roles, more scene work, and more challenge, all the while having fun. This class is geared towards those who want to take their skills and effort to the next level as they prepare themselves for all aspects of a role under the leadership of a qualified and experienced director!  

This year's musical will be Honk Jr!

Performance date: April 16, 2019
Class minimum: 10 students.  Class maximum: 16 students

INSTRUCTOR: Maria Cesario
FEES: $565  (29 classes of 90 minutes)  *$375 due upon registration.  Additional $190 will be due upon acceptance into Musical Theatre Expressions


Grades 5 - 9

7:00 - 8:30 PM

Tuesdays (2018/19)

September 11 - April 15