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Outtatown Site Leader 2018

The Outtatown Discipleship School is a unique, one or two-semester certificate program of Canadian Mennonite University. We provide an incredible experience for recent high school grads looking to travel, serve others, and learn more about Knowing God, Knowing Yourself, and Knowing the World. 

The Site Leader must be a committed follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, a learner, and at the same time dedicated to teaching and training young adults to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  The Site Leader must be willing to work closely with others in leadership settings, which are constantly changing. 

Requirements: Hold a college or university degree, experience in ministry and leadership (i.e. camp ministry, student life, pastoral ministry, missions), have travel and international experience

Role includes: Discipling young adults, mentoring, leading small groups, Bible instruction, driving vans, missions, travel, adventure, and community leading in team with 1 to 3 other leaders.

Leadership Development: All site leaders receive training in leading Outtatown which has many crossover applications to leadership development in ministry or other fields. Training includes how to budget, schedule planning, team communication, self-awareness, mentoring individuals, small and large group facilitating, holding crucial conversations, working in cross-cultural partnerships, and more. Ongoing coaching is provided throughout the program.

South Africa/Guatemala – Full Year

It’s a two-year commitment. The first year if often full of learning and growing in your understanding of the program. Coming back in your second year, you have the opportunity to apply what you learned about leadership, your relationship with God, and about yourself from the first year. In your second year, you become an asset to those who are in their first year.

It’s a paid position. You do not have to raise support. Payment is as follows:

Burkina Faso – One Semester

This is a French-English program. We require our site leaders to carry conversations and be somewhat fluent in both languages. Please don’t hesitate to inquire if you have questions regarding your language proficiency. Because of the shorter length of this program a 2 year commitment may not be possible, so this is a one-semester contract with the potential of returning for a second year.

It’s a paid position. You do not have to raise support. Payment is as follows:

All site leaders will be on full health/insurance benefits (including dental) during the length of employment.

For more information, including the application process, please visit:

Applications are due March 1, 2018

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We thank all applicants; however, only those selected for further consideration will be contacted. For more information regarding employment opportunities at Canadian Mennonite University, please contact the Director of Human Resources.