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Face2Face: On Campus Community in Conversation

CMU's Face2Face events are a series of conversations with CMU faculty and special guests designed to engage the community on a wide variety of current events and issues at the intersection of faith and life. Come out to listen, question, and discuss.

All Face2Face discussion take place from 7:00 to 8:30 PM in Marpeck Commons (2299 Grant Ave.).



2015-16's Upcoming Discussions


Wednesday, March 2

A Conversation within an Abrahamic Tent: A Jew, Muslim, and Christian in Dialogue

Context: Too rarely do persons from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian traditions—those who, in spite of great present diversity also share faith roots within an ancient Abrahamic tent—sit with one another and speak with conviction out of their particular faith conviction and practice. How do we live with difference between and among faith traditions that also hold much in common?


Past Discussions

Tuesday, February 9          

Cohabitation: The Question of Living Together Before Marriage


Increasingly, our faith communities, pastoral leaders and families are encountering the broad, cultural reality of cohabitation. Bringing deeply held theological convictions into conversation with practices outside of these persuasions can be challenging. Dialogue and conversation are vital.

What clarity might we gain on the Biblical, theological, sociological / cultural, and relational dynamics that underlie the reality of cohabitation? What makes this practice challenging to openly discuss within our church communities, as families and with young adults we know and love? How can we best resource and learn from one another?

Panel Members


Wednesday, November 4


An Urban Reserve at Kapyong: Imagining a Future  

news release ]

Join David Balzer, CMU Assistant Professor of Communications and Media, along with Treaty Commissioner Jamie Wilson, as they co-host a panel exploring questions and possibilities, and inviting the community into conversation.  

CMU and the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba* are jointly sponsoring an important community conversation involving First Nations peoples and those living within the Tuxedo and Charleswood communities. 

What might the possibility of an Urban Reserve at Kapyong Barracks mean for all of us? Can we name our questions and apprehensions and, in conversation, begin to shape a shared vision for this initiative in this area of our city? What might we imagine and do together to make this work for the benefit of all?

Panel Members:

*The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM) is a neutral body, created through a partnership between the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) and Canada with a mandate to strengthen, rebuild, and enhance the Treaty relationship and mutual respect between First Nations and Manitobans as envisaged by the Treaty Parties.

Media stories on this event:
CBC, Global News, Winnipeg Free Press, APTN


September 25, 2015


When Oil Dependency is not Black and White: Contradictions and Possibilities

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From cell phones to polyester clothing; cell phones to wind turbines and automobiles... we are embedded in an oil dependent world. Now what? What meaningful choices do we really have? Come hear the personal stories and involvements of an oil industry consultant, an economist and an activist who share their insights and convictions.

How do we respond to the complex realities of oil dependency in our lives? What simple or complex steps and innovations should we attend to? What choices lie before governments, industry and before each of us as individuals? What kind of ethical framework can guide and assist us?


Panel Members: