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Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing that consists of many laps of a short course that features a variety of terrain and obstacles.

Just like the Mennonites, cyclocross originated in the low countries of Belgium and the Netherlands. So it is only fitting that there is an annual cyclocross race at Canadian Mennonite University called MennoCross.

What began in 2006 as a fun, informal race with Prof. Chris Huebner and some of his friends has grown to become one of the biggest races in the Manitoba Cycling Association's cyclocross season. Come and discover why some people have called MennoCross one of the most fun and memorable sporting events they've ever participated in.


Saturday, September 22, 2018

9:30 AM | Registration open, course is open to pre-ride

11:00 AM | Open Race

12:00 PM | Kids Race (unlicensed racers)

12:20 PM | Kids Race (licensed racers)

1:00–1:30 PM | Course is open to pre-ride

1:30 PM | C Race (30-min.)

2:45 PM | B Race (40-min.)

4:00 PM | A Race (60-min.)


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