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Best Films

Best Films of 2008

  1. American Film Institute top 10
  2. Awards Scoreboard at Movie City News 
  3. The Beliefnet Film Awards
  4. Christianity Today’s Most Redeeming Films
  5. Christianity Today’s Critics’ Choice Awards See also Christianity Today Readers’ Choice
  6. Film Critics’ Top Ten Lists compiled at Metacritic
  7. Film Comment Magazine’s Critics’ Poll See also Film Comment’s Readers’ Poll
  8. Jeffrey Overstreet’s List of 20 at Image Journal
  9. Roger Ebert’s List for 2008
  10. Sight & Sound Magazine Critics’ Best of 2008 — For each critic’s list (all 50) go here.
  11. Sister Rose Pacatte’s Bouquets 
  12. Spirituality & Practice: The Most Spiritually Literate Films 
  13. Steven Greydanus: The Year in Reviews
  14. Third Way Café: Best of Mennonite Media Reviewers
  15. Toronto Film Critics Association
  16. Vic Thiessen’s Top 10 List and brother Walter Thiessen's list.
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Best Films of 2007

  1. Beliefnet Film Awards. See the nominees and vote for “Best Spiritual Film” and “Best Spiritual Documentary”
  2. Christianity Today’s Critics’ Choice Awards for 2007
  3. Christianity Today’s Most Redeeming Films of 2007
  4. Darrel Manson at Hollywood Jesus
  5. Decent Films list by Sydney Greydanus
  6. Film Comment Magazine’s End-of-Year Critics’ Poll
  7. Film Critics’ Top Ten Lists compiled at (Best reviewed top 20)
  8. Gareth Higgins’s top 12 Films of 2007
  9. Greg Veltman’s best movies of 2007 at Comment Magazine
  10. James Berardinelli’s Top 10 and Bottom 10
  11. Jeffrey Overstreet’s 25 Best at Looking Closer
  12. Movie City News: The Critics’ 2007 Top Tens
  13. Peter Travers, Rolling Stone Magazine (Print version)
  14. Phantom Tollbooth’s Best and Worst by Marie Asner
  15. Ron Reed’s Best Films of 2007
  16. Sight & Sound Magazine (British Film Institute) (Full list pdf)
  17. Spirituality and Practice (Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat)
  18. Sr. Rose Pacatte’s (Pauline Center for Media Studies) Best and Worst
  19. Third Way Café Reviewers’ Picks for 2007

Best Films of 2006

  1. Alternative Film Guide’s Compilation of Film Awards for 2006
  2. Arts & Faith Faves of 2006 (compiled from 22 individual lists)
  3. Beliefnet
  4. Christianity Today’s Critics’ Choice Awards for 2006
  5. Christianity Today’s Top Ten Redeeming Films of 2006
  6. Decent Films Guide by Sydney Greydanus See also Greydanus’s article Must See DVDs of 2006.
  7. Film Comment magazine’s End-of-the-year Critics’ Poll (50 Best Movies)
  8. Film Critics’ Top Ten Lists, compiled at
  9. Gareth Higgins’s 20 Best Films
  10. Jeffrey Overstreet’s 25 Best Films at Looking Closer
  11. Josh Hurst’s Best of 2006 at RevealArts
  12. Peter Travers, Rolling Stone’s 10 Best (and Worst)
  13. Roger Ebert’s Four Star Movies of 2006
  14. Spirituality & Practice: Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2006 (Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat)
  15. Sight & Sound’s Best, Favourite or Most Culturally Significant of 2006
  16. Sr. Rose Pacatte’s (Pauline Center for Media Studies) Best and Worst Films of 2006
  17. The Phantom Tollbooth Best & Worst Films of 2006 (by Marie Asner)
  18. Third Way Café Reviewers’ Picks for 2006

Best Films of 2005

  1. 2005 Winners for the Faith & Faith Film Critics Circle. The Faith & Film Critics Circle is a fellowship of critics applying Christian perspectives to film through reviews and discussion, seeking to encourage revealing and intelligent dialogue about the human experience.
  2. Academy/Guild/Festival Awards for 2005. A comprehensive list of award winners from festivals and competitions around the world.
  3. Beliefnet Film Awards. The best Spiritual Films of 2005.
  4. Books & Culture: A Christian Review. Top 10 movies selected by Roy Anker (author of Catching Light: Looking for God in the Movies [Eerdmans, 2004]) and Peter Chattaway.
  5. Christianity Today’s 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2005
  6. Christianity Today’s 2005 Critics’ Choice Awards
  7. The Decent Films Top 10 of 2005 by Steven D. Greydanus
  8. Ebert’s 10 Best Movies of 2005
  9. Faith & Film Critics Circle: Best of 2005, including “Most Significant Exploration of Spiritual Issues,” “Best Narrative Film,” “Best Documentary,” etc.
  10. Film Comment’s Critics’ Poll of the Year’s Best Films. See also Readers’ Poll
  11. J. Robert Parkss Top Ten Moviegoing Experiences of 2005 (Parks is reviewer at the Phantom Tollbooth site).
  12. Jeffrey Overstreet’s 25 Favorites 
  13. Josh Hurst’s Best of 2005 at RevealArts
  14. Lists of the Critics’ Top Ten Movies compiled at
  15. The Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2005 (Spirituality & Practice Website Awards)
  16. Office of Film & Broadcasting, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 10 Best Films of 2005, and 10 Best Family Films
  17. Peter Travers, film critic for Rolling Stone magazine
  18. Sight & Sound’s Films of the Year
  19. Sr. Rose Pacatte’s Favorite Films of 2005
  20. Third Way Café’s Media Matters: Favorite Pictures of 2005


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