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Study Room Booking Instructions

NOTE: These instructions are for CMU students or staff who wish to reserve a study room on the mezzanine (upper level) of Marpeck Commons.


Write your name in an empty slot on the sheet posted outside the room you want to book (2 hours maximum per day). Persons occupying a study room without having signed in will be asked to vacate the room if other CMU students wish to use it.

ADVANCE BOOKING (next 1 to 7 days) 

Use the meeting booking feature in the Office 365 calendar to reserve a study room. This option is available to CMU students only, who must login with their CMU username and password. (These are NOT ncecessarily the same as your Student Portal username and password. Check with Shirley Thiessen if you can't login. Shirley sits at the reception desk in the south side admin building.) For more details, see this PDF document.

Having trouble using the booking feature in Office 365? See IT staff or e-mail After hours, call Rich Boyd at 204-451-0980.


CMU students will need a new ID card--which will include prox card functionality--to get into the study rooms. Contact Shirley Thiessen (south reception desk) for more information.

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