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Interlibrary Loans

The Interlibrary Loans service provides students, staff, and faculty with books and articles not available at the CMU library. It also supplies other libraries with books and articles from our collection. The service is not available to individuals who are not CMU students, staff, or faculty. For lending policies that apply to borrowing libraries, see below.


Contact Information

Wes Bergen
Canadian Mennonite University
500 Shaftesbury Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB  Canada
R3P 2N2

Work: +1 204 487 3300 (ext. 394)
Fax: +1 204 837 7415

Canadian Library symbol: MWCM
OCLC symbol: CNCMU

CMU Students, Staff and Faculty

What is available for loan from other libraries?

What is NOT available?

How long will items take to arrive?

You should allow at least one week for delivery, and sometimes up to two or three. You will be notified by email when the item arrives.

How long is the loan period?

Loan periods are set by the lending library, and vary from two to six weeks. Renewals may or may not be allowed. Items MUST be returned by the due date given.

What information needs to be in the request?

What does it cost?

This depends on the library. We will try to get the item for free, but there may be a charge. This may range from $5 to $40. We will wait for your permission before requesting an item in these cases.


Borrowing Libraries

What is available for loan from CMU?

What is NOT available for loan?

What is the loan period?

What information is needed?

What does it cost?

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