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Movie Theology: Movie Reviews & Resources

Compiled by Gordon Matties

Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology
Canadian Mennonite University
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Web sites offer the most efficient way to find movie information and reviews. The list below includes both general web sites where you can find information on literally thousands of movies, as well as web sites that offer reviews from a Christian perspective. Of those with a Christian orientation, some are mainly interested in offering warnings about aspects of a movie that viewers might find offensive, others seek to draw moralistic analogies between the Bible and movies, and still others focus on bringing theological insight to bear on the interpretation of movies. My hope is that these sites will contribute to serious reflection on the intersection of film and faith. Although you can find hundreds of web sites on movies, this list of suggestions includes many of the sites that I have found most helpful. Your suggestions will be gratefully accepted.


Finding Movie Reviews

Movie Theology Blogs

Christian Resources

Film Discussion Groups

Film Festivals

Magazines, Journals, etc.

Reviews for Parents:
Get the Scoop on Sex, Language, Violence

Best Films Lists

Public Performance Rights in Canada

Schools, churches, and youth groups need permission to view movies. These sites are brokers for public performance rights.

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