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Health and Wellness

CMU believes that mental health is closely linked to one’s physical health. That's why CMU promotes health and wellness through a variety of on-campus activities and promotes off-campus resources and opportunities. Please keep an eye out for specific dates and schedules for certain activities posted around campus.


Health and Wellness Groups: Designed with the intention of giving students break from studies and the opportunity to spend quality time with peers, these are ‘preventative’ measures to give students resources to help buffer against the negative effects of mental illness. A few of the student health and wellness groups include:

Yoga: Yoga is offered every Tuesday night for students of all abilities. This is a meditative time for students to unwind and spend time in silence and reflection.

GO!-lympics (September) / SNOW!-lympics (January): These ridiculous team events that are designed to get students out of the monotony of school work and have fun. Especially in January, the weather can be a pretty discouraging/depressing time. Having events that are silly and fun is a great way to get students engaged with others, and make new friends as well as memories.

On Campus Counsellors / Spiritual Directors: Available on campus all throughout the year, qualified personnel are available to help students with emotional distress, life questions/transitions, and spiritual matters.

Forums: Taking place every Monday at 11:30 AM, forums are often designed to address the needs of students and issues they may face while at CMU. Topics have included: depression, eating concerns, anxiety, sexuality, and substance abuse.

Chapels: An integral part of the CMU community life, chapels, provide a time on Tuesday and Friday to worship God from a variety of worship traditions.

Fitness Room and Equipment: Our on-campus fitness room is open to students and staff and is a great way to stay fit. CMU also is blessed to have the beautiful, and well maintained, Assiniboine Forest in our backyard. CMU has brand new cross-country skis for students’ use throughout the winter.

Wednesday Night Worship: every Wednesday night, a student led worship service helps students take a break from studying and focus on God through praise and worship.

Pastor in Residence: Twice a year (once in the first semester and again in the second) CMU welcomes a pastor to come to CMU as the Pastor in Residence for a week. The pastor speaks at chapel/forum, attends events, and connects with students. Our students have thrived on Pastor in Residence week as it provides another resource for them—even if just for a week.

Floor Meetings and Testimony/Check-Ins: Residence Assistants are responsible to plan floor meetings and often incorporate wellness check-ins as well as a spiritual component. Many floors conduct “Testimony Tuesday"—an opportunity for each person on the floor to share their testimony and pray for others. Not only does this build community, but it also facilitates deeper social and spiritual connections.

Church Rides/Car Pools: CMU offers students opportunities to check out other churches in the city.

Lectures and Workshops: CMU supports and advertises lectures of interest happening in the city—either by churches or other organizations consistent with CMU’s values.

Concerts: CMU encourages students to attend concerts at Sam’s Place, at the WSO, etc. by advertising concerts of interest.


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