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Undergraduate Studies

Exam Schedule

The below classes have a scheduled exam slot and classroom but not all classes give an examination. Confirm in your syllabus and with your instructor whether you will have an exam in the time slot allotted.

  1. Though an examination slot and location has been allocated for most classes, those classes may not all have examinations. Please check your syllabus for this information.
  2. In several cases, the examination room is not the same as the room in which the class has been offered during the semester. Some classes will write examinations in larger classrooms.

2017-18 Exam Information

Course ID Course Name Instructor Sem Date & Time Room
ACWR-0900 - 4 Academic Writing Lab Wesley Toews W Apr. 16, 9:00am B126
ACWR-0900 - 5 Academic Writing Lab Wesley Toews W Apr. 09, 1:30pm M211
ANTH-1610 - 1 Cultural Anthropology Helen Agger W Apr. 18, 9:00am D30
BIOL-1020 - 1 The Genetic Revolution John Brubacher W Apr. 18, 1:30pm D30
BIOL-1320 - 1 Diversity of Life Rachel Krause W Apr. 18, 9:00am C06
BIOL-1370 - 1 Physiology of the Human Body Bhanu Pilli W Apr. 09, 1:30pm C06
BIOL-3380 - 1 Molecular and Cellular Laboratory Methods John Brubacher W Apr. 19, 1:30pm C25
BTS-1110 - 1 Biblical Literature and Themes Pierre Gilbert W Apr. 11, 1:30pm D30
BTS-1120 - 1 Encountering the Bible Dan Epp-Tiessen W Apr. 10, 9:00am C06
BTS-2160 - 1 The Psalms Pierre Gilbert W Apr. 18, 1:30pm C06
BTS-2230 - 1 Biblical Perspectives on Peace and Justice Sheila Klassen-Wiebe W Apr. 11, 1:30pm C06
BTS-2550 - 1 History of Christianity Karl Koop W Apr. 12, 1:30pm D30
BTS-2720 - 1 Theologies of the Global South Gordon Zerbe W Apr. 09, 1:30pm D30
BTS-2895 - 1 Topics - Who are they now? Exploring Mennonite Identity Peter Epp W Apr. 17, 1:30pm D30
BTS-3995 - 2 Topics - Consumption and Desire Dan Epp-Tiessen W Apr. 19, 1:30pm C06
BUSI-2010 - 1 Introductory Managerial Accounting Stephen Redekop W Apr. 16, 6:00pm C244
BUSI-2050 - 1 Fundamentals of Marketing John Balsilie W Apr. 10, 6:00pm D30
BUSI-3060 - 1 Operations Management Craig Martin W Apr. 09, 1:30pm C344
BUSI-3200 - 1 Human Resource Management Rosemary Vogt W Apr. 18, 9:00am C244
BUSI-4020 - 1 Business and Organizational Policy Craig Martin W Apr. 17, 1:30pm C244
CHEM-1020 - 1 Physical Chemistry Shaune McFarlane W Apr. 14, 9:00am C244
CHEM-2010 - 1 Organic Chemistry I - Structure and Function Shaune McFarlane W Apr. 11, 1:30pm B126
COMM-2050 - 1 Graphic Design Craig Terlson W Apr. 09, 9:00am D33
ECON-1000 - 1 Introduction to Macro-economics Craig Martin W Apr. 16, 9:00am C244
ENGL-1010 - 1 English Literature - Prose Fiction Sally Ito W Apr. 09, 1:30pm D30
ENGL-1030 - 1 English Literature - Classical Literature Paul Dyck W Apr. 12, 1:30pm C344
ENGL-2040 - 1 Renaissance Literature Paul Dyck W Apr. 10, 9:00am B126
ENGL-3110 - 1 Milton Paul Dyck W Apr. 09, 9:00am B126
ENVS-1030 - 1 Introduction to Environmental Studies Ray Vander Zaag W Apr. 16, 9:00am D30
HIST-1010 - 1 History of the West in Global Context II Brian Froese W Apr. 19, 1:30pm C167
HIST-2030 - 1 History of the Canadian Nation since 1867 Brian Froese W Apr. 09, 1:30pm C167
HIST-2040 - 1 History of Indigenous Peoples of Canada Helen Agger W Apr. 16, 9:00am C06
HIST-3030 - 1 Topics - Globalization Ruth Rempel W Apr. 11, 1:30pm C344
HIST-3950 - 2 Topics - History of North American Conservatism Brian Froese W Apr. 16, 6:00pm C167
IDS-2171 - 1 Crisis, Humanitarian Aid, and Disaster Recovery Bruce Guenther W Apr. 12, 6:00pm C344
LANG-2020 - 1 Intermediate French II Ingrid Moehlmann W Apr. 18, 1:30pm C09
LANG-2420 - 1 Elementary Biblical Greek II Sheila Klassen-Wiebe W Apr. 18, 1:30pm D33
MATH-1000 - 1 Basic Statistical Analysis Tim Rogalsky W Apr. 10, 9:00am D30
MATH-1030 - 1 Calculus II Tim Rogalsky W Apr. 09, 9:00am M211
MATH-3050 Chaos Theory Tim Rogalsky W Apr. 12, 1:30pm B126
MUSC-1010 - 1 Music Theory II Matt Pauls W Apr. 10, 9:00am C167
MUSC-1110 - 1 Music Skills II V Wiebe / R Schellenberg W Apr. 14, 9:00am C167
MUSC-2010 - 1 Music Theory IV Neil Weisensel W Apr. 14, 9:00am C09
MUSC-2110 - 1 Music Skills IV V Wiebe / R Schellenberg W Apr. 10, 9:00am D176
MUSC-2220 - 1 Music History I Dietrich Bartel W Apr. 16, 9:00am C167
MUSC-2880 - 1 Music Therapy Practicum II Seminar Michelle Yaciuk W Apr. 17, 1:30pm B132
MUSC-3802 - 1 Music Therapy Methods for Adults II Lee-Anne Adams W Apr. 16, 9:00am D33
MUSC-3880 - 1 Music Therapy Practicum IV Seminar Michelle Yaciuk W Apr. 17, 1:30pm B132
MUSC-4070 - 1 Choral Repertoire and Interpretation Allison Pauls W Apr. 16, 9:00am D176
MUSC-4170 - 1 Band and Orchestral Techniques Darryl Ferguson W Apr. 16, 6:00pm D176
MUSC-4210 - 1 Studies in Baroque Music Dietrich Bartel W Apr. 09, 9:00am C167
PCTS-2221 Restorative Justice John Hutton W Apr. 09, 1:30pm C244
PHIL-1010 - 1 The Task of Philosophy II - The Question of Knowledge Chris Huebner W Apr. 18, 9:00am B126
PHYS-1020 - 1 Physics 2 - Waves and Modern Physics Heather Matheson W Apr. 12, 6:00pm B126
POLS-1000 - 1 Democracy and Dissent James Magnus-Johnston W Apr. 17, 1:30pm C344
POLS-2600 - 1 Social and Political Philosophy James Magnus-Johnston W Apr. 19, 1:30pm D30
PSYC-1020 - 1 Introduction to Psychology II - Individuals and Interactions Lynda Loewen W Apr. 18, 1:30pm D30
PSYC-1020 - 2 Introduction to Psychology II - Individuals and Interactions Lynda Loewen W Apr. 09, 9:00am D30
PSYC-2040 - 1 Research Analysis in Psychology Tim Rogalsky W Apr. 10, 9:00am D30
PSYC-2220 Developmental Psychology - Adulthood Louis Svenningsen W Apr. 16, 6:00pm C06
PSYC-3800 - 1 Psychology and Christianity Delmar Epp W Apr. 11, 1:30pm Conference Room
PSYC-3950 - 2 Topics - Psychology and Social Change Katelin Neufeld W Apr. 18, 1:30pm C344
PSYC-4030 - 1 Qualitative Inquiry in the Social Sciences RR W Apr. 17, 1:30pm C167
RLGN-1710 - 1 Introduction to World Religions II Gordon Zerbe W Apr. 14, 9:00am C344
Course ID Course Name Instructor Sem Date & Time Room
CHEM-2020 - 1 Organic Chemistry II--Reactivity and Synthesis Shaune McFarlane S18 Jun. 18, 9:00am B126

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