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Suffering the Truth buy now

Suffering the Truth: Occasional Sermons and Reflections

Chris Huebner

Structured around the Christian liturgical calendar, Suffering the Truth offers a series of reflections on the exceedingly difficult and yet irrepressibly joyful character of the Christian life. Huebner's sermons seek to elaborate a liturgical counter-temporality and to display what it might look like when its rhythms inform the way we go about our ordinary lives.


Necessary Idealism: A History of Westgate Mennonite Collegiate

Janis Thiessen

Using both documentary materials and oral history methodologies, Janis Thiessen has produced a splendid institutional history of a private Mennonite high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba—Westgate Mennonite Collegiate. This volume undertakes a careful, historical examination of the school's history, admittedly by a sympathetic insider (alumna and former teacher), and makes a significant contribution to the history of ethnic and religious private schools in Canada.


2017 J.J. Thiessen Lectures: Faith and Toleration: A Reformation Debate Revisited

C. Arnold Snyder

In these lectures, C. Arnold Snyder offers an important historical study on the subject of religious toleration in the period of the Reformation, breaking new ground based on his own careful reading of Lutheran and Swiss Anabaptist sources. This historical inquiry also provides an occasion for contemporary reflection on faith and toleration today, in the context of rising social, political, and religious tensions.


The Challenge is in the Naming: A Theological Journey

Lydia Neufeld Harder

This volume is built around a collection of previously published essays by the author over the course of 30 years, supplemented by current reflections and personal narratives that place these essays into a broader and engaging theological journey.

The Exceptional Vera GoodBUY NOW

The Exceptional Vera Good: A Life Beyond the Polka Dot Door

Nancy Silcox

This lively biography compellingly traces the exceptional life of Dr. Vera Good. Born in 1915 into an Old Order Mennonite family in Waterloo County, and now a centenarian, Vera Good made her mark as an educator, concluding her working career as an executive producer of children's programming for TV Ontario (1965-1981).


Along the Road to Freedom: Mennonite Women of Courage and Faith

Ray Dirks

In story paintings and words Along the Road to Freedom follows the journeys of mothers and grandmothers, mostly widowed, who led or attempted to lead families out of the former Soviet Union to peace, freedom, and safety in Canada—primarily during the chaotic aftermath of the Russian Revolution and in the midst of World War II.

Approaching the DivineBUY NOW

Approaching the Divine: Signs and Symbols of the Christian Faith

Margaret Loewen Reimer

A handbook on signs and symbols in the Christian tradition, written from a Mennonite perspective. It provides a window into the meaning behind liturgical practices and art forms developed by the church through the ages. It also explores the seasons of the church year and observances related to special "Holy Days" in the Christian tradition. Includes is a section on more universal signs and tokens, such as numbers and shapes, and some "popular" expressions of faith. The last section draws on articles and sermons related to the subject of symbols and rituals in the Christian tradition.


Empire Erotics and Messianic Economies of Desire

P. Travis Kroeker

Pairing biblical and literary sources, the 2013 J.J. Thiessen lectures undertake a theological exploration of the crucial interconnections between desire (eros) and economics in our intimate and institutional relationships to money, material goods, and our most basic human aspirations. Beginning with an exploration of the distortion of messianic desire—self-emptying love—into the self-serving erotics of empire, this book asks how the messianic community can live out an alternative liturgy of service in the everyday.


A University of the Church for the World: Essays in Honour of Gerald Gerbrandt

edited by Paul Dyck and Harry J. Huebner

This book answers the question of what it means to be a Mennonite university in a descriptive rather than a prescriptive way. It draws on the thought and experience of the faculty, staff, and alumni of Canadian Mennonite University, as well as the leaders of the churches that formed it and a neighbouring provincial university. While the book comes out of the life of CMU, it is meant as a resource for anyone interested in questions of religion and university.


Still Daring to Hope

John Regehr

The underlying theme of the meditations found in this book is the life-long path of deepening transformation that lies open before each of us. John Regehr's words come to us out of the second half of his life, a life of seeking to do what is right, of determination to do no harm, of yearning to be a good and faithful servant, and by the grace of God, of offering oneself to others as a fellow pilgrim on the path toward transformation. According to the author, if we consent to God's hopes for us, we can, and will, change for the better, always still daring to hope.

To and From NowhereBUY NOW

To and From Nowhere: A Biographical Novel

Hedy Leonora Martens

Based on painstaking historical research and interviews with Greta's family, To and From Nowhere tells a harrowing and beautiful story in the unusual style that author Hedy Leona Martens has fused, combining narrative, biography, poetry, history, and personal reflection.

The conclusion of Favoured Among Women.


Business Ethics Rooted in the Church: A Theological Paradigm for Christians in Business

Werner Franz

Franz invites readers into a new model for framing business ethics from a Christian standpoint. He calls for business ethics to be considered through the concept of the church and its "practices". Although Franz's own experience of this dynamic comes from the context of the Mennonite churches in Paraguay, the issues addressed are relevant for a variety of circumstances.


Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders are Transforming their Worlds

Edited by Richard McCutcheon, Jarem Sawatsky and Valerie Smith

An informative and thought-provoking resource from the world-renowned Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP). Each chapter, authored by a different peace leader, explores three dimensions of peacebuilding: stories, tools, and resources.

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