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On the Zwieback Trail BUY NOW

On the Zwieback Trail
A Russian Mennonite Alphabet of Stories, Recipes and Historic Events
Lisa Weaver, Julie Kauffman, Judith Rempel Smucker
CMU Press 2011 | 72 pages, hardcover | $25.00
ISBN 978-0-920718-92-6

On the Zwieback Trail is a delightful and informative children's alphabet book of Russian Mennonite history, lovingly assembled as attractive collages of artefacts, historical narratives, photographs, recipes, and personal anecdotes of the past. Every page has something new to offer—whether it's the meaning of the word "Anabaptist", the role tractors played in the story of Mennonite Central Committee, or a delicious recipe for fluffy zwieback, this alphabet book is sure to charm and educate children and adults alike.

Anyone with Verenike strengthening their muscles and Borscht flowing in their veins knows that Z could only stand for Zwieback. Join a voyage of discovery down the alphabet trail to celebrate the history, culture, and service of this branch of Anabaptist believers. From the early 1500s to the present, it's all there for young and old to enjoy.

Katie Funk Wiebe, author of You Never Gave Me a Name: One Mennonite Woman's Story

Now in its third printing

Both a coffee-table and children’s book

David's Trip to Paraguay BUY NOW

David's Trip to Paraguay/Davids Reise in das Land der vielen Farben
Miriam Rudolph
CMU Press 2011 | 32 pages, hardcover | English and German | $22.00
ISBN 978-0-920718-91-9

This is a gorgeous book by exciting young artist, inspired by the extraordinary journey made by her grandfather from Canada to Paraguay in the late 1920s. David, a farm boy from Southern Manitoba, is excited when his family, in search of a new home, decides to leave wintry and white Canada behind to start a long journey by train, ship, and oxcart to South America. Along the way he takes in colourful impressions of New York's skyscrapers, the ocean, flying fish, crocodiles, foreign cities, and many more exciting things that let him know he is going the right way. This is an exceptional children's book, but also a beautiful art work for all ages. In addition, the dual-language text (English and German) adds a valuable educational dimension.

Winner: Best Illustrated Book, 2012 Manitoba Book Awards

To see Miriam's work as an artist and printmaker, please visit her website,

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