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To and From Nowhere BUY NOW

To and From Nowhere: A Biographical Novel
Hedy Leonora Martens
CMU Press 2015 | 503 pages, paper | $27.00
ISBN 978-0-920718-97-1

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What terrible storms they have in this place, Greta thought, her skin screaming a silent protest, her eyes blind against the driving snow. "Where are we?" she called into the wind, but her words were swept behind her.

In this gripping and moving novel, Greta and her family, treated as "non-existent" along with thousands of Russian Germans, Mennonites, and other ethnic groups displaced by Stalin, struggle to exist in the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1976.

Based on painstaking historical research and interviews with Greta's family, To and From Nowhere tells a harrowing and beautiful story in the unusual style that author Hedy Martens has fused, combining narrative, biography, poetry, history, and personal reflection.

Favoured among Women BUY NOW

Favoured Among Women
Hedy Leonora Martens
CMU Press 2010 | 430 pages, paper | $25.00
ISBN 978-0-920718-88-9

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A detailed and touching portrait of a Mennonite woman during the harsh early years of Soviet Russia.

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This vibrant and unusual re-creation of one woman's life is the result of years of painstaking research and interviews. Favoured among Women combines biography, personal reflection, poetry, historical commentary, and (above all) vivid storytelling. We meet Greta Enns as a curious, observant, and compassionate child born in peaceful times which are soon torn asunder. Her life becomes one of hardship and the utter confusion of war, but one also marked by profound religious hope, as well as love and joy. Hedy Leonora Martens has written a novel both epic and intimate, dramatically presenting daily life in Leninist and Stalinist Russia in the first decades of the twentieth century.

This Hidden Thing BUY NOW

This Hidden Thing
Dora Dueck
CMU Press 2010 | 350 pages, paper | $19.50
ISBN 978-0-920718-86-5

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Winner, 2010 McNally Robinson Book of the Year, Manitoba Book Awards

This Hidden Thing is a lyrical and moving novel that offers one woman's compelling, ordinary, and surprising life.

Dora Dueck is author of the novel Under the Still Standing Sun and co-editor of Northern Lights: An Anthology of Contemporary Christian Writing in Canada. Her stories have been featured on CBC Radio, and in journals such as Room, Prairie Fire, Rhubarb, and Journal of Mennonite Studies. She lives in Winnipeg.

West of Eden BUY NOW

West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature
Sue Sorensen, Editor
2008; 340 pages; paperback; $28.95
ISBN 978-0-920718-81-0

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These 17 essays ponder the character of prairie literature. What is prairie literature now, what has it been, and what is its future? That the prairies are "west of Eden" is an idea only, and a somewhat mischievous one. Is this spot distant from the glory of the garden? Writers have often pondered the ambiguous sanctity of the prairies, while those who recruited settlers certainly exploited the notion. These varied essays engage with Margaret Laurence, Rudy Wiebe, and Neil Young. They present analysis of NFB films and the gopher as icon. Here are strategies for teaching and views of the Canadian prairies from abroad. This is a significant collection of fresh views of prairie literature.

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