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NOTE: At the present time, CMU Press is not accepting any new manuscript proposals. Please contact the General Editor at if you wish for more information.


CMU Press welcomes the submission of proposals and complete manuscripts that fit the mandate of the press. As an academic publisher, the primary goal of CMU Press is the distribution of academic research and scholarship. Novels, memoirs, children's books and other non-academic manuscripts are occasionally accepted for publication, but only on an exceptional basis. Any questions about the suitability of a potential manuscript can be directed to

The Publication Process

The publication process may begin with the submission of a prospectus, the submission of a manuscript, or as a project which originates with CMU Press.

A manuscript should be under consideration by only one press at a time. If an author has initiated contact with another press, CMU Press asks that that the author inform us of the status of that inquiry.

The Editorial Council makes the decision to accept or decline manuscripts, and will use the standard categories as outlined below:

  • Acceptance
  • Conditional acceptance (with provisions clearly stated)
  • Revise and resubmit (with suggestions clearly stated)
  • Decline

The evaluation and decision-making process should be completed within two months (for a prospectus) or three months (for a manuscript) of receipt.


Submissions of book proposals to CMU Press will generally include the following:

  • Description of the work (its main argument, aim, scope, and methodology)
  • Length in double spaced pages and in words
  • Table of contents
  • Place of the work in the context of other titles in the field
  • Intended audience (including disciplines where appropriate)
  • Biographical statement and curriculum vitae from author
  • A paragraph description of each chapter
  • Sample chapter(s)
  • Approximate number of illustrations, tables, and figures (if appropriate)


In addition to the first six elements noted above, the submission of a completed manuscript generally includes:

  • Main text in final form
  • Pages numbered consecutively (not separately for each chapter)
  • Labelled disk or electronic file (emailed) in MS Word
  • Introduction and/or preface
  • Footnotes or endnotes (if appropriate)
  • Appendix or glossary (if appropriate)
  • Bibliography, index, tables, maps, graphs, photographs (if appropriate)

CMU Press will follow the Chicago Manual of Style, unless another style manual is appropriate for a particular project.

Basis for Review

A manuscript or proposal will be reviewed based on questions such as the following:

  1. Does the manuscript fit the CMU Press mandate?
  2. Will the work make a significant contribution to the field?
  3. Does the work have a thesis or main argument?
  4. Is the scholarship up-to-date and sound?
  5. Is the presentation of the work effective and attractive (e.g. in style, organization, length)?
  6. Is the work accessible and appropriate to the intended audience?
  7. Is the work likely to be attractive to readers beyond this group?

For more information about submitting a prospectus or manuscript to CMU Press contact

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