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2017 J. J. Thiessen Lectures: Faith and Toleration: A Reformation Debate Revisited
C. Arnold Snyder
CMU Press, 2018 | 106 pages, paper | $16.99
ISBN 978-1-987986-05-1

In these lectures, C. Arnold Snyder offers an important historical study on the subject of religious toleration in the period of the Reformation, breaking new ground based on his own careful reading of Lutheran and Swiss Anabaptist sources. Snyder sheds new light on the nature of Swiss Anabaptism in the latter half of the sixteenth century, demonstrating that by the end of the century, the Anabaptists of Switzerland were no longer running from "the world" but actively engaging those in power and courageously lobbying for religious toleration. This historical inquiry also provides an occasion for contemporary reflection on faith and toleration today, in the context of rising social, political, and religious tensions.


The Challenge is in the Naming: A Theological Journey
Lydia Neufeld Harder
CMU Press, 2018 | 370 pages, paper | $32.95
ISBN 978-1-987986-04-4

This volume is built around a collection of previously published essays by the author over the course of 30 years, supplemented by current reflections and personal narratives that place these essays into a broader and engaging theological journey.

"A rich blending of personal, church, and academic narratives and contexts... This interdisciplinary collection has the potential to become a pivotal resource for the next generation of Mennonite theologians, scholars, and pastors."
– from the foreword by Kimberly Penner and Susanne Guenther Loewen


Approaching the Divine: Signs and Symbols of the Christian Faith
Margaret Loewen Reimer
CMU Press, 2017 | 96 pages, paper | $14.99
ISBN 978-1-987986-01-3

A handbook on signs and symbols in the Christian tradition, written from a Mennonite perspective. It provides a window into the meaning behind liturgical practices and art forms developed by the church through the ages. It also explores the seasons of the church year and observances related to special "Holy Days" in the Christian tradition. Includes is a section on more universal signs and tokens, such as numbers and shapes, and some "popular" expressions of faith. The last section draws on articles and sermons related to the subject of symbols and rituals in the Christian tradition.


Empire Erotics and Messianic Economies of Desire
P. Travis Kroeker
CMU Press, 2016 | 91 pages, paper | $16.99
ISBN 978-0-920718-98-8

Pairing biblical and literary sources, the 2013 J.J. Thiessen lectures undertake a theological exploration of the crucial interconnections between desire (eros) and economics in our intimate and institutional relationships to money, material goods, and our most basic human aspirations. Beginning with an exploration of the distortion of messianic desire—self-emptying love—into the self-serving erotics of empire, this book asks how the messianic community can live out an alternative liturgy of service in the everyday.


Still Daring to Hope?
John Regehr
CMU Press, 2016 |  162 pages, paper | $18.99
ISBN 978-1-987986-00-6

The underlying theme of the meditations found in this book is the life-long path of deepening transformation that lies open before each of us. John Regehr's words come to us out of the second half of his life, a life of seeking to do what is right, of determination to do no harm, of yearning to be a good and faithful servant, and by the grace of God, of offering oneself to others as a fellow pilgrim on the path toward transformation. According to the author, if we consent to God's hopes for us, we can, and will, change for the better, always still daring to hope.


A University of the Church for the World: Essays in Honour of Gerald Gerbrandt
edited by Paul Dyck and Harry J. Huebner
CMU Press, 2016 | 289 pages, paper | $29.99
ISBN 978-0-920718-99-5

This book answers the question of what it means to be a Mennonite university in a descriptive rather than a prescriptive way. It draws on the thought and experience of the faculty, staff, and alumni of Canadian Mennonite University, as well as the leaders of the churches that formed it and a neighbouring provincial university. While the book comes out of the life of CMU, it is meant as a resource for anyone interested in questions of religion and university.


Business Ethics Rooted in the Church: A Theological Paradigm for Christians in Business
Werner Franz
CMU Press, 2015 | 152 pages, paper | $23.95
ISBN 978-0-920718-18-6

Franz invites readers into a new model for framing business ethics from a Christian standpoint. He calls for business ethics to be considered through the concept of the church and its "practices". Although Franz's own experience of this dynamic comes from the context of the Mennonite churches in Paraguay, the issues addressed are relevant for a variety of circumstances.


Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders are Transforming their Worlds
Edited by Richard McCutcheon, Jarem Sawatsky and Valerie Smith
CMU Press, 2015 | 350 pages, paper | $19.48
ISBN 978-0-920718-26-1

An informative and thought-provoking resource from the world-renowned Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP). Each chapter, authored by a different peace leader, explores three dimensions of peacebuilding: stories, tools and resources.


On Being Human: Essays from the Fifth Shi'i Muslim Mennonite Christian Dialogue
Edited by Harry Huebner and Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen
CMU Press, 2013 | 269 pages, paper | $27.50
?ISBN 978-0-920718-94-0

A collection of dialogical essays around various topics pertaining to human nature and destiny from a theological perspective.  The essays reflect the authors' ideas of how best to convey what they hold to be not only their personal beliefs, but also the beliefs of their communities, to an audience that is not expected to share these beliefs. Surprises abound as discussions reveal both astonishing similarities across denominational lines and differences in basic concepts where similarities were assumed. 

Citizenship BUY NOW

Citizenship: Paul on Peace and Politics
Gordon Mark Zerbe
CMU Press, 2012 | xii + 276 pages, paper | $26.00
ISBN 978-0-920718-93-3

In this stimulating collection of essay, Zerbe offers "a revisiting of Paul's theological vision and practical activism around the theme of citizenship."

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Citizenship provides a wonderful introduction to social and political issues in the Pauline corpus.

Mark Reasoner, author of Romans in Full Circle: A History of Interpretation

Zerbe explores Paul's thought with a clear and sharp eye, looking for what "citizenship" looks like for members of "Messiah's global politics." He succeeds brilliantly in "un-domesticating" Paul, only to reintroduce the prophetic envoy of the Messiah to those struggling to be loyal to Jesus within a world of power and violence.

Thomas Yoder Neufeld, author of Killing Enmity: Violence and the New Testament

By organizing these essays around aspects of "citizenship," Zerbe provides the most nuanced and compelling description we have yet seen of the political dimensions of the apostle's thought and praxis. This welcome volume deserves the close attention of every interpreter of Paul.

Neil Elliott, author of The Arrogance of Nations: Reading Romans in the Shadow of Empire

Peace and Justice BUY NOW

Peace and Justice: Essays from the Fourth Shi'i Muslim Mennonite Christian Dialogue
Harry J. Huebner and Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen, editors
CMU Press 2011 | 277 pages, paper | $27.50
ISBN 978-0-920718-89-6

While the goal of inter-religious dialogue is sometimes thought to be a single religious understanding, that proves to be a mistake, and a dangerous one, because of its tendency to impose closure not warranted by intellectual honesty. The current dialogue is lodged in another pursuit; of freely giving each person the voice to speak for his or her faith tradition.... This posture of open engagement might be said to be a mode of peacemaking; a way of engaging difference that is very far from the all too common view of the other as dispensable enemy. The dialogue over the past ten years is in fact testimony to the refusal to permit the powers of pision to define for us who our enemies are. To put it positively, it is an admission that we have become friends and that difference does not negate the possibility of trust and deep and lasting friendship. (From the Introduction)

Desert Spirituality and Cultural Resistance BUY NOW

Desert Spirituality and Cultural Resistance: From Ancient Monks to Mountain Refugees
Belden C. Lane
CMU Press 2011 | 72 pages, paper | $14.00
ISBN 978-0-920718-90-2

These three lectures by accomplished storyteller and theologian Belden Lane are inspirational in a way that lectures rarely are. Lane urges us to think courageously about the place of wilderness in Christian life. He contemplates the radical lives of the fourth century Desert Fathers and Mothers, as well as the courageous example of sixteenth-century Anabaptists. He speaks of the ways in which wilderness can relate to the practice of a counter-cultural spirituality today. And he asks: Can desert and mountain gift us with a language to understand the experiences in our lives when we're taken to the edge, finding ourselves isolated and alone, both spiritually and culturally?

The Free Church and Israel's Covenant BUY NOW

The Free Church and Israel's Covenant
Peter Ochs
2010 | 125 pages, paper | $16.50
ISBN 978-0-920718-87-2

These four lectures offer groundwork for a Mennonite-Jewish theological dialogue.

One context for the dialogue is a sphere of overlapping interests among Jews and Mennonites who have returned to consider the power of Scripture at a time when both secularism and radical anti-secularism have lost their luster. Another context is the publication of John Howard Yoder's The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited. Yet another context is an emerging effort among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scholars to meet together in peace and through conversations about Scripture. A final context is the on-going loss of life, justice, and hope in Israel-Palestine.

The Free Church and Israel's Covenant introduces Mennonite-Jewish theological dialogue as a contribution to the work of inter-Abrahamic peace, and scriptural truth.

The Gift of Difference BUY NOW

The Gift of Difference: Radical Orthodoxy, Radical Reformation
Chris K. Huebner & Tripp York, Editors
Foreword by John Milbank
CMU Press 2010 | 240 pages, paper | $29.50
ISBN 978-0-920718-85-8

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What hath the Radical Reformation to do with Anglo-Catholics—especially Anglicans who have a lingering penchant for Christendom? The answer from this book: a lot more than you might expect! Huebner and York have staged a mutually critical interaction between Radical Orthodoxy and Mennonite theology, illuminating both as a result.

James K. A. Smith, Calvin College, author of Introducing Radical Orthodoxy & editor of Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition

This book is a breath of fresh air. Retrieving central themes of classical theology, it is both faithful to tradition and innovative, offering a third way between liberalism and conservatism, one which sees theology as critical for public life without privatizing Christianity, on the one hand, or slipping into Constantinianism, on the other.

A. James Reimer, Conrad Grebel University College, author of Mennonites and Classical Theology: Dogmatic Foundations for Christian Ethics & The Dogmatic Imagination: The Dynamics of Christian Belief

Chris K. Huebner is Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Canadian Mennonite University. He is the author of A Precarious Peace: Yoderian Explorations on Theology, Knowledge, and Identity (Herald Press, 2006) and co-editor, with Peter Dula, of The New Yoder (Wipf & Stock, 2010).

Tripp York is an Instructor of Religious Studies at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is the author of The Purple Crown: The Politics of Martyrdom (Herald Press, 2007) and Living on Hope While Living in Babylon: The Christian Anarchists of the 20th Century (Wipf & Stock, 2009).

New Perspectives in Believers Church Ecclesiology BUY NOW

New Perspectives in Believers Church Ecclesiology
Abe Dueck, Helmut Harder, Karl Koop, Editors
CMU Press 2010 | 330 pages, paper | $29.50
ISBN 978-0-920718-84-1

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How can the Believers Church family (made up of Baptists, Brethren, Churches of Christ, Churches of God, Mennonites, Pentecostals, and others) remain accountable to the Gospel amidst competing forces of globalization and localization?

These essays engage Believers Church theology with topics such as denominationalism, the sacramental tradition, the Emerging Church movement, and Global Christianity. In a spirit of critical dialogue, this volume revisits debates over the relationship between church and world, inpidual and community, and practices related to the church's mission.

To Live is to Worship BUY NOW

Joel James Shuman. To Live is to Worship: Bioethics and the Body of Christ

In these wide-ranging and open-hearted lectures from 2006, Shuman, a professor of ethics, overturns expectations that medicine and worship have little in common. Shuman insists that medicine be in conversation with all of creation, instead of oriented to the inpidual, and that we resist the temptation to worship the medical industry. 2007; 86 pages; pb; $16.95. ISBN 978-0-920718-79-7

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The Vice of Curiosity BUY NOW

Paul J. Griffiths. The Vice of Curiosity: An Essay on Intellectual Appetite

In the 2005 lectures the Schmitt Chair in Catholic Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago urges vigilance about the ambiguous delights of mere curiosity and also about our inclination to see knowledge as something that can be owned, rather than seen as a gift from God. 2006; 96 pages; pb. $16.95 ISBN 978-0-920718-77-3

The volume is worth attentive—dare I say contemplative—reading by any who are concerned with the philosophy and theology of Christian education....[T]his set of lectures offers plenty to whet the studious intellectual appetite.

David I. Smith, Journal of Education and Christian Belief

Reclaiming the Old Testament BUY NOW

Gordon Zerbe, editor. Reclaiming the Old Testament: Essays in Honour of Waldemar Janzen

Old Testament scholars, theologians from other disciplines and colleagues of Janzen at Canadian Mennonite Bible College contributed to this volume. A sub-theme explores the use of the Old Testament in Mennonite school and church.

2001; 266 pp.; pb. $20.00. Sale Price $10.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-70-4

God & the Imagination BUY NOW

William P. Brown. God & the Imagination: A Primer to Reading the Psalms in an Age of Pluralism

In the 2000 Lectures the Professor of Old Testament at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, develops the use of metaphorical imagination in the interpretation of the Psalms.

2001; 102 pp.; pb. $8.00. Sale Price $4.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-69-8

Peace, Order & Good Government BUY NOW

T.D. Regehr. Peace, Order & Good Government: Mennonites & Politics in Canada

The 1999 Lectures, by the author of volume 3 of the Mennonites in Canada series, explore the increasing Canadian Mennonite involvement in elected governmental positions across the entire political spectrum. Regehr examines ways in which the participants' theology impacts how they became involved.

2000; 130 pp.; pb. $8.00. Sale Price $4.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-62-9

New Testament Ethics BUY NOW

Richard B. Hays. New Testament Ethics: The Story Retold

The 1997 Lectures by Professor Hays of Duke University pinity School presents the substance of several chapters of his The Moral Vision of the New Testament.

1998; 82 pp.; pb. $8.00. Sale Price $4.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-61-2

Mennonite Education in a Post-Christian World BUY NOW

Harry Huebner, editor. Mennonite Education in a Post-Christian World

Essays presented at the Consultation on Higher Education, Winnipeg, June 1997. Presenters include Nancy Murphy, Gerald Gerbrandt, J.Denny Weaver, Ted Koontz, Dale Schrag, Tom Yoder Neufeld, Shirley Showalter, Shirley Sprinjger King.

1998; 166 pp.; pb. $12.00. Sale price $6.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-59-9

The Story That Shapes Us: Sermons BUY NOW

John H. Neufeld. The Story That Shapes Us: Sermons

A selection of sermons preached over a period of time and a range of occasions by a pastor, former college president and homiletics professor who has spent a lifetime giving attention to both form and content of his sermons.

1997; 162 pp.; pb. $10.00. Sale Price $5.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-56-8

Church as Parable BUY NOW

Harry Huebner & David Schroeder. Church as Parable: Whatever Happened to Ethics?

A look at the way the church has responded to issues of morality and ethics. The authors offer a critique and build a case for an ethical approach based on scripture and the centrality of God and Jesus Christ.

1993; 140 pp.; pb. $20.00. Sale price $10.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-46-9

The Church as Theological Community BUY NOW

Harry Huebner, editor. The Church as Theological Community: Essays in Honour of David Schroeder

Twelve essays by prominent academics and church leaders on themes that inform the life and work of teacher, theologian and churchman, David Schroeder.

1990; 314 pp.; hc. $20.00. Sale price $10.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-31-5

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