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Tim Rogalsky

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Tim Rogalsky





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Tim's training is in differential equations, numerical algorithms, and optimization. An applied mathematician, Tim faces ethical choices in his research pursuits. For example, his skills could easily be put to use in the military, but his Anabaptist convictions have led him instead to research projects that he believes are more consonant with shalom. As a graduate student, he contributed to the goal of energy conservation by developing a software package that designs more efficient fan blades. His current applied focus is in epidemiological research—modelling epidemics like HIV/AIDS or West Nile Virus, both to understand the spread of the disease and to advise health officials on optimal public health strategies.

Tim's love for theology was sparked in the early 1990s at MBBC, and has been nurtured during his time at CMU. The result is a rather unique interest in the connections between mathematics and the Christian faith. A summary of this vocational project can be found in his article, "Distinctively Christian Mathematical Instruction: A Hopeful Imagination," in the Spring 2008 issue of Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum. Tim is currently working at expanding this material into book form.

Areas of Teaching

calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, chaos theory, discrete mathematics, logic


PhD, University of Manitoba, 2004; MSc, University of Manitoba, 1998; BSc (Hons), University of Manitoba, 1996; BRS, Mennonite Brethren Bible College, 1991

Work in Detail


In addition to the standard university mathematics curriculum in calculus and linear algebra, Tim has designed several courses with CMU's theologically-trained, liberal arts students in mind:


Recent publications:

Rogalsky, T. "Bézier Control Parameterization for evolutionary optimization in disease models." Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion. Philadelphia Pennsylvania, July 2012. ACM, New York, NY. pp 523-530.

Rogalsky, T. "Bézier parameterization for optimal control by Differential Evolution." Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Methods. Las Vegas Nevada. July 2011. CSREA Press. pp 28-34.

Derksen, R.W. and Rogalsky, T. "Bézier-PARSEC: An optimized aerofoil parameterization for design." Advances in Engineering Software. Vol. 41, Issues 7-8, July/August 2010, pp 923-930. (Invited.)

Rogalsky, T. and Derksen, R.W. "Bézier-PARSEC parameterization for airfoil optimization." Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal. Vol. 55, No. 3, December 2009, pp 163-174.

Derksen, R.W. and Rogalsky, T. "Optimum Aerofoil Parameterization for Aerodynamic Design." In: Hernandez, S. and Brebbia, C.A. (eds.). Computer Aided Optimum Design in Engineering XI. WIT Press, Southampton, 2009. pp 197-206.

Rogalsky, T. "Distinctively Christian Mathematical Instruction: A Hopeful Imagination." Direction. Vol. 37, No. 1, Spring 2008. pp 71-81.

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