Karl Koop

Professor of History and Theology; Director of the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry; Biblical and Theological Studies Program Coordinator

Karl Koop


Biblical & Theological Studies




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Karl specializes in the history of Christianity and in contemporary theology, and is particularly interested in  Anabaptist studies, Systematic Theology and topics related to ecumenism.  He has written and co-edited several books and articles related to Anabaptist studies.

Karl received his Ph.D from St. Michael's College at the Toronto School of Theology, an M.Div. from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, a BA from the University of Manitoba, and a BTh from Canadian Mennonite Bible College. Before coming to CMU, Karl taught at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries for five years. Prior to that he was in Germany for four years with  Mennonite Central Committee in Germany.  He also has been involved  for three years in pastoral ministry.

In his spare time Karl is sometimes involved in choral performances. He enjoys gardening, mountain climbing, cross-country skiing and cooking. He is married to Katharina Koop. They attend First Mennonite Church in Winnipeg where Kathy is leading minister.

Areas of Teaching

History of Christianity; Anabaptist Beginnings; Continuity and Change in Anabaptism; Systematic Theology; Church and World; Ecumenical Studies


Ph.D., University of St. Michael's College, 1999; M.Div., Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, 1990; B.A., University of Manitoba, 1985; BTh., Canadian Mennonite Bible College, 1983

Work in Detail


Examples of Courses Taught at CMU:

History of Christianity The Early Church; Reading Christian Classics; Augustine and Luther; Anabaptist Beginnings; Continuity and Change in Anabaptism; Readings in Anabaptism; Renaissance and Reformation; Systematic Theology; War and Peace in Historical Context; Topics in Ecclesiology; Faith and Toleration


Journal Articles and Chapters in Books (Select)

-"Diversity, Development, and Enduring Patterns in Anabaptist Confessions of Faith in Companion to Anabaptism, ed. Brian C. Brewer (T&T Clark), submitted

-„Mennonitische Glaubensbekenntnisse: Vielfalt und Kontextualität," in Die Kirche der Gegenwart, edited by Fernando Enns (Bensheim: des Konfessionskundlichen Institutes) submitted

-"Mennonites, Reformation to Modern Christianity," for The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, published by De Gruyter, submitted

-"Contours and Possibilities for an Anabaptist Theology," in Recovering from the Anabaptist Vision: New essays in Anabaptist Identity and Theological Method, eds., Laura Schmidt Roberts, Paul Martens and Myron Penner, T&T Clark Studies in Anabaptist Theology and Ethics (London: T&T Clark, 2020), 17-32.

-"Putting Doctrine in its Place: Confessions of Faith, Modernism, and the Lex Vivendi," Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum 48, no. 2 (Fall 2019): 137-148.

-"An Appeal for Renewal in an Age of Conflict: Pieter Pietersz's `Way to the City of Peace," Mennonitica Helvetica 42 (2019): 51-63.

-Foreword to Faith and Toleration: A Reformation Debate Revisited, by C. Arnold Snyder (Winnipeg: CMU Press, 2018)

-"Word, Spirit, Experience, and the Practice of Patience: learning from the Waterlander-Mennonite two-fold Word Debate," Mennonite Quarterly Review 92, no. 4 (October 2018).

-"Interfaith interaction -- integral to Christian proclamation," Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology 18, no. 2 (Fall 2017): 14-23.

-"Critical Engagement -- Not Avoidance: A Response to Anabaptism's Upcoming Anniversary Celebration," Mennonite Life, vol. 71 (2017), online

"At the Margins and at the Center of Modern Expression: Reconsidering Anabaptist and Mennonite Confessions of Faith" in European Mennonites and the Challenge of Modernity over Five Centuries: Contributors, Detractors, and Adapters, ed. by Mark Jantzen, Mary sprunger, John D. Thiesen (North Newton, KS: Bethel College, 2016), 285-300.

"On Judging the Past," Mennonite Historian 42, no. 3 (September 2016): 2, 4-5, 10.

-"A Complication for the Mennonite Peace Tradition: Wilhelm Mannhardt's Defense of Military Service," Conrad Grebel Review 34, no. 1 (Winter 2016): 28-48.

-"Migrations of Enchantment in the Radical Reformation: The Undoing of a Material and Natural World," in Radicalizing Reformation: North American Perspectives, vol. 6, eds. Karen L. Bloomquist, Craig L. Nessan, Hans G. Ulrich (Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2016), 243-264; previously published in Liberation from Violence for Life in Peace, Radicalizing Reformation vol. 4, ed. Ulrich Duchrow and Craig Nessan (Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2015), 223-43.

-"On the Dangers of Greed and Excess: Mennonites in the Dutch Golden Age," Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology 15, no. 1 (Spring 2014): 54-63

-"Reading Tradition Through Catholic Lenses: Moving Beyond Restorationism," essay in New Perspectives in Believers Church Ecclesiology, Abe Dueck; Helmut Harder; Karl Koop eds (Winnipeg, CMU Publications, 2010)

-"Dangers of Superabundance: Pieter Pietersz, Mennonites, and Greed during the Dutch Golden Age," Journal of Mennonite Studies 27 (2009): 61-73

-"Holiness, Catholicity and Unity of all Christians," in Creed and Conscience: Essays in Honour of A. James Reimer, eds. Jeremy Bergen, Paul Derksen, Karl Koop (Kitchener: Pandora Press, 2007), 65-82

-"The Dordrecht Confession of 1632: An Enduring Legacy," Preservings 26 (2006): 14-17

-"Scripture and Tradition: A Dilemma for Protestants," Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology 6, no. 1 (Spring 2005): 14-21.

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-Christianity and the other Religions," in Mission Focus 9 (2001), 86-91

-"Das Christentum und die Religionen," in Mennonitisches Jahrbuch (Lahr: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mennonitischer Gemeinden in Deutschland, 2002), 55-59

Articles in Encyclopedias

-"Mennonites, Reformation to Modern Christianity," for The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, to be published by De Gruyter

-"Anabaptist and Mennonite Identity: Permeable Boundaries and Expanding Definitions," Religion Compass 8/6 (2014): 199-207.

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-"Schleitheim Confession," Encyclopedia of Protestantism vol. 4, ed. Hans Hillerbrand (New York and London: Routledge, 2003)

Journals edited

Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology, vol. 17 (Spring 2016), issue focus: Discernment

Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology, vol. 13 (Spring 2012), issue focus: The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life

Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology, vol. 7 (Spring 2006), issue focus: Salvation


-Paul G. Doerksen and Karl Koop eds, The Church made Strange for the Nations: Essays in Ecclesiology and Political Theology, Princeton Theological Monograph Series (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2011)

-Abe Dueck, Helmut Harder, Karl Koop eds., New Perspectives in Believers Church Ecclesiology (Winnipeg: CMU Press, 2010)

-Jeremy Bergen, Paul Derksen, Karl Koop, eds. Creed and Conscience: Essays in Honour of A. James Reimer (Kitchener: Pandora Press, 2007)

-Karl Koop, ed., Confessions of Faith in the Anabaptist-Mennonite Tradition, 1527-1660; Classics of the Radical Reformation series, vol. 11 by the Institute of Mennonite Studies (Kitchener: Pandora Press, 2006)

-Karl Koop, Anabaptist-Mennonite Confessions of Faith: The Development of a Tradition; Anabaptist and Mennonite Studies series vol. 3 by the Institute of Anabaptist Mennonite Studies (Kitchener: Pandora Press, 2004)

-Karl Koop and Mary Schertz, eds., Without Spot or Wrinkle: Reflecting Theologically on the Nature of the Church. Occasional Papers 21 (Elkhart: Institute of Mennonite Studies, 2000)

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