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Sue Sorensen

Associate Professor of English

Sue Sorensen





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Born in Saskatchewan, Sue Sorensen was educated at the University of Regina and the University of British Columbia. Her doctoral dissertation was on British novelist A.S. Byatt. She is the author of The Collar: Reading Christian Ministry in Fiction, Television, and Film (2014) and the editor of West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature (2008). In addition, she was written essays on authors such as Henry James, Ian McEwan, Guy Vanderhaeghe, and Winnipeg rocker John K. Samson. Her interests extend from nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature—her core area of specialization—to detective fiction and film adaptations of literature. She has taught at CMU since 2005.

Her poems have been published in various journals and her first novel, A Large Harmonium, was published in 2011. It won Best First Book at the Manitoba Book Awards in 2012 and was a contender for Winnipeg Public Library's On the Same Page program.

For some recent writing, check out Sue's pieces at:  The Puritan and The League of Canadian Poets

Sue has two sons and is a member of Home Street Mennonite Church in Winnipeg. Much of Sue's academic writing can be found at Her personal website is

How To Read a Cleric
Click to view Sue's contribution to Church Times (the UK's largest Anglican newspaper), based on research for her latest book, The Collar. 
- published January 16, 2015

Areas of Teaching

19th and 20th Century British Literature; Detective Fiction; Canadian Literature; Visual Art, Film, Music, Religion and their Relation to Literature


Ph.D, University of British Columbia, 1999; M.A., University of British Columbia, 1993; B.A. Hons., University of Regina, 1985

Work in Detail


Nineteenth-Century Novel
The Novel Since 1900
Canadian Literature
Literary Non-Fiction
Major Authors: Charles Dickens
Literary Genres: Twentieth-Century Drama
Special Topics in English: The Detective in Fiction and Film
Advanced Topics in English: Impossible Books



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Modern Language Association (MLA), Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE), Christianity and Literature Study Group, Manitoba Writers Guild, Henry James Society, George Eliot Fellowship, Amnesty International, Conference on Christianity and Literature, The Writers' Union of Canada, Project Peacemakers, Associate Member of the Iona Community.

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