Justin Neufeld

Instructor of Philosophy

Justin  Neufeld






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Justin's teaching and research interests concern how the human person has been understood by ancient, medieval, and modern writers as they have contemplated the question of justice: what we owe to others and what we owe to ourselves.

Justin attended the University of Manitoba where he received a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Religion. He did his graduate work at McMaster University where he received a MA in Religious Studies, focusing on patristics and philosophical theology. 

Justin was born in Hamilton and grew up in Regina and Winnipeg. He and his wife, Andrea, have three children. They attend Charleswood Mennonite Church. 

Areas of Teaching

Philosophical Theology, Ethics, Existentialism, Ancient Philosophy, Patristics


MA, McMaster University, 2003; BA (Hons), University of Manitoba, 2000

Work in Detail


PHIL 1000  The Task of Philosophy I: The Question of Reality

PHIL 1010  The Task of Philosophy II: The Question of Knowledge

PHIL 3950  Justice

PHIL 2950  Love- Philosophical Investigations

PHIL 3950  Existentialism – Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky

PHIL 2950  Death and Dying

PHIL 2950  Philosophy of Biology

PHIL 2070  Business Ethics


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Justin's primary community service is at Charleswood Mennonite Church, where he has served as chair of the worship committee and as a children's Sunday School teacher. Currently, he co-teaches the adult Peace and Justice Sunday School class and am serving on a steering committee that is taking up issues related to sexuality in the life of the church.

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