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James Magnus-Johnston

Director, Centre for Resilience | Lecturer in Business

James Magnus-Johnston


Political Studies, Business



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James teaches in the fields of business and political studies, and he serves as the Director of the CMU Centre for Resilience. His research interests lie in the nexus between business, politics, and enviornmental studies, in the field of ecological economics. He is also a Board Director with the Assiniboine Credit Union.

James is interested in exploring applied pathways to foster the political, cultural, and institutional shift towards ecological and economic resilience. Sub-topics of interest include behavioural economics and the cultural transmission of knowledge, carbon reduction strategies, complementary financial instruments, social entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour, and experiential pedagogy.

His interests are informed by professional experience in the insolvency field, in policy positions with organizations and lawmakers, and as a small business owner. Over the last few years, he served as a managing co-founder of Fools & Horses Coffees, the Director of Advocacy with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Director of the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE), the Social Enterprise Liaison with the Green Action Centre (which established Compost Winnipeg), and the Co-Chair of Transition Winnipeg, (which established the Farm Fresh Food Hub and South Osborne Market). 

He has an MPhil in Economics ("Land Economy") from Cambridge University and is presently completing his PhD in Renewable Resource Sciences at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Peter Brown.

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Areas of Teaching

Business, Political Studies, Ecological Economics, Political Economy, Social Entrepreneurship


MPhil Economics (Land Economy), Cambridge University; Double BA (Hons.) in Political Studies, Theatre, and Rhetoric & Communications, University of Winnipeg

Work in Detail


SOCI-2000 Social Welfare 

POLS-1000 Democracy and Dissent: Introduction to Politics

POLS-1010 Global Politics

POLS-2600 Social and Political Philosophy 

POLS-2950-1 Citizenship, Land, and Economy (topics)

POLS-2950 Social Entrepreneurship

POLS-3000 Politics, Society, and the Mass Media

ECON-2950-1 Economics of Social Change (topics)

PRAC-3950 Social Innovation Lab


Magnus-Johnston, J., What is the Steady State Economy? In Washington, H. and Twomey, P. (eds). A Future Beyond Growth: Towards a steady state economy.  London: Routledge, 2016.  

Fernandez, L., Hudson, M., and Magnus-Johnston, J. Energy East: Taking Manitoba in the Wrong Direction. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Winnipeg: 2016.

Magnus-Johnston, J., and Knight, M., Sustainability through Song: Flow-seeking behaviour, procedural utility, and the subordination of consumer impulses. Prepared for the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Study Group. Saskatoon, 2014. 

Magnus-Johnston, J., ed., with the Transition Winnipeg Initiating Committee, Winnipeg's Great Transition: Ideas and Actions for a Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient City. Transition Winnipeg, 2014.

Magnus-Johnston, ed. with Harvey Stevens and the Green Economy Working Group, Response to the Government of Manitoba's Green Plan. Manitoba Eco-Network, December 2012.

Magnus-Johnston. Interrogating Debt as a Driver of Growth: Links between Financial and Ecological Indebtedness in Rich-World Economies. Cambridge University Press, May 2010. 

Popular Press (selected)

Magnus-Johnston, James. Guess what Trudeau said about growth? CASSE Daly News and Nov, 2015.

Magnus-Johnston, James. What about innovating beyond the growth trap? CASSE Daly News and July, 2015.

Magnus-Johnston, James. Peace, Love, and the Gift. CASSE Daly News and December, 2014.

Magnus-Johnston, James. Hedonism, Survivalism, and the Burden of Knowledge. CASSE Daly News and November, 2014.

Magnus-Johnston, James. Art Valuable Regardless of Price. Winnipeg Free Press. July, 2011.

Magnus-Johnston, James. Making Sense of the Protests through a Post-Growth Lens. CASSE Daly News and Oct, 2010. 

More available here.


James trained as a professional Cantor with Holy Trinity Anglican Church, where he served for over 10 years. He currently sings from time to time with fellow faculty member Dietrich Bartel at All Saints Anglican, and occasionally participates as a soloist at First Mennonite. 

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