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Rachel Krause

Assistant Professor of Biology

Rachel Krause





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Rachel's research grows out of her interest in ecology, parasitology and the environment, and more recently, global health. In the past, she has worked on issues of salmon habitat quality in streams in British Columbia, and the co-stressors of water pollution and parasite infections on behaviour of fishes in the St. Lawrence River around Montreal, Quebec. Currently, she is finishing a project examining the combined impacts of malnutrition and environmentally-transmitted intestinal infections on growth of preschool children in rural, subsistence farming communities in Panama. Rachel really enjoys collaborative research, and has worked on projects with A Rocha Canada (a Christian environmental NGO), the B.C. Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada, and the Panama Ministry of Health.

Rachel holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of British Columbia, a MSc in Biology from Concordia University (Montreal), and a PhD in Parasitology from McGill University, where she was also affiliated with the McGill School of Environment, and held a graduate fellowship at the Institute for Health and Social Policy.

Rachel grew up in British Columbia's Fraser Valley.

Areas of Teaching

General Biology, Ecology


PhD, McGill University, 2015; MSc, Concordia University, 2009; BSc (Hon.), University of British Columbia, 2006

Work in Detail


Introductory Biology, Ecology


Krause RJ, Koski KG, Pons E, Sinisterra O, and Scott ME (In Press). Ascaris and hookworm transmission in preschool children in rural Panama: Role of Subsistence Agricultural Activities. Parasitology.

Krause RJ, Koski KG, Pons E, Sandoval N, Sinisterra O, and Scott ME (2015). Ascaris and hookworm transmission in preschool children from rural Panama: role of yard environment, soil eggs/larvae, and hygiene and play behaviours. Parasitology 142:1543-1554.

Krause RJ, Grant JWA, McLaughlin JD, and Marcogliese DJ (2010). Do infections with parasites and exposure to pollution affect susceptibility to predation in Etheostoma nigrum? Canadian Journal of Zoology 88:1218-1225.

Krause RJ, McLaughlin JD, and Marcogliese DJ (2010). Parasite fauna of Etheostoma nigrum (Percidae: Etheostomatinae) in localities of varying pollution stress in the St. Lawrence River, Quebec, Canada. Parasitology Research 107:285-294.

Krause RJ, Vaccaro I, and Aswani S (2010). Challenges in building insect ethnobiological classifications in Roviana, Solomon Islands. Journal of Ethnobiology 30:308-320.

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