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Anna Nekola

Assistant Professor of Music

Anna Nekola





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As a musicologist, I'm endlessly fascinated by ways that people across times and cultures have created and engaged with sound. Most of us encounter and use music on a daily basis. I explore how the ways we understand and value music shape how we interact with it, including how we use music to shape our experiences and give voice to our identities. Music can offer a window into larger ideological and political currents in a group or society, so the times when people disagree over music are just as interesting to me as when we might all be on the same page.

My research has looked at music's role in Christian worship, analyzing how ideas about musical style both create and reflect particular theological, ideological, and cultural currents. Recently, I've been giving a lot of thought to the role of listening technology, sensation, and experience, exploring that how we listen can be as important as what it is we are listening to. I also love working in archives, putting together larger stories from small pieces of evidence. My recent work on the U.S. television show Omnibus expands our understanding of international musical flows in the twentieth century, while also calling attention to the role of private non-governmental foundations in shaping global politics.


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009; M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000; M.M. Wichita State University, 1998; B.A. St. Olaf College 1996

Work in Detail


Music History I and II

History of Rock

Music and Locality

Studies in 19th c. Music


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