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Danielle Bailey

Enrolment Coordinator

Danielle Bailey





204.487.3300 ext. 648


C 153

Danielle is a graduate of CMU with a degree in theology and social sciences, and has been an employee since August 2014. Danielle is happily employed and enjoys assisting students as they imagine where their post-secondary education could take them. She is currently working on her MA in Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University, and is excited for where this journey will lead. Secretly, she is just biding her time until she cashes in on her fortune as the heiress of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Danielle is also an avid traveller and spent three years living in Sweden at Capernwray Bible School, allowing her to set foot in many European countries. A few favourite memories were spending Christmas in Germany with her friend's family and photographing her brother doing backflips in front of the Colosseum.

In her free time, Danielle enjoys creating new recipes, attending concerts, gardening, spending time outdoors especially when it is at her family’s cabin and catching up with friends over a cup of strong coffee.

Danielle believes in the place of CMU because the courses and programs cause students to think deeply about their relationships with all of life—God, people, places, plants, and animals. It's impossible to leave this place without being transformed in some capacity.  

Danielle is a member of Holy Community Covenant Church in Winnipeg's West End. 

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