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Conrad Stoesz

Archivist, Mennonite Heritage Archives

Conrad Stoesz


Mennonite Heritage Archives



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Mennonite Heritage Archives

Direct phone: 204-560-1998.

Conrad has been the archivist at the Mennonite Heritage Archives since 1999, and is passionate about Mennonite history, archives, and related stories. He has experience working at the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies, and is on the board of the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society and the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada.

Conrad also enjoys camping, cycling, gardening, and coaching his kids' hockey teams. He is the co-editor of the magazine, Mennonite Historian, produced together with the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies.

Follow the MHA updates on Facebook. The archives has a web site for finding aids, photos, and a thematic site about conscientious objectors.


Conrad's research has included archives, Mennonites in Manitoba, conscientious objectors to war, and midwives.

Most Recent

Stoesz, Conrad. Review of From Suffering to Solidarity: The Historical seeds of Mennonite Interreligious, Interethnic, and International Peacebuilding. Edited by Andrew P. Klager. Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum vol. 47 (Fall 2018), 285-287.

Stoesz, Conrad. "From the Archives: Johann Wall." Preservings no. 38, 2018: 73-74.

Stoesz, Conrad. Review of "A Collected History: Mennonite Heritage Village."  By Roland M. Sawatzky and Andrea M. Dyck.  In Journal of Mennonite Studies (36) 2018: 316-318.

Stoesz, Conrad. "P.W. Enns: The Mennonite Archives Building at 40 years." In Mennonite Historian (44) June 2018: 9-11.

Dueck, Paul and Conrad Stoesz. "In the Garden of the Book: The 1551 Kreuter Buch in Katharina Thiessen's Library." Preservings, 37 (2017): 4-9.

Stoesz, Conrad. "Persecution of the Anbaptists." Rupert's Land Review October (2017): 9-11.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Stoesz, Conrad. "'For women when their monthly period does not occur': Mennonite Midwives and the control of fertility." Journal of Mennonite Studies, 34 (2016): 105-121.

Stoesz, Conrad. ""This thing is in our blood for 400 years:" Conscientious Objection in the Canadian Historic Peace Churches during the Second World War." Worth Fighting For: Canada's Tradition of War Resistance From 1812 to the War on Terror. Edited by Lara Campbell, Michael Dawson, and Catherine Gidney. Toronto: Between the Lines, 2015.

Stoesz, Conrad, "Midwives in the Mennonite West Reserve." Manitoba History, Fall 2014.

Stoesz, Conrad. "Are you prepared to work in a mental hospital? Canadian Conscientious Objectors' Service during the Second World War." Journal of Mennonite Studies, 29 (2011): 61-74.

Stoesz, Conrad. "Scattered Documents: Locating the Conscientious Objector Record in Canada." Journal of Mennonite Studies, 25 (2007): 145-160

Stoesz, Conrad. "The Post Road." Church Family and Village: Essays on Mennonite life on the West Reserve. Edited by Adolf Ens, Jacob E. Peters and Otto Hamm, Winnipeg, Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, (2001) 81-92.

Scholarly Presentations

Stoesz, Conrad. "Corporate Memory and the Mennonite Archives: A Retrospective since 1967." paper presented attheA People of Diversity: Mennonites in canada since 1970 Conference, Winnipeg, manitoba, November 17, 2018.

Stoesz, Conrad. "A MAID in Canada Approach: The Mennonite Archival Image Database." Paper presented at the Manitoba Libraries Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 6, 2016.

Stoesz, Conrad. "'For women when their monthly period does not occur': Mennonite Midwives and the control of Fertility." Paper presented at the Mennonites, Medicine and the Body: Health, Illness and Medical Research in the Past and Present Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 24, 2015.

Stoesz, Conrad. "Self-Understandings of Canadian Conscientious Objectors Serving in the Second World War." Paper presented at the Civilian Internment Camp Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 17, 2015.

Stoesz, Conrad. "The Altona United (Mennonite?) Church." Paper presented at the Ex- Mennonite / Near Mennonite: Liturgical, Non-denominational, Secular Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba October 3, 2014.

Stoesz, Conrad. "Midwives in the Mennonite Community, 1881-1900." Paper presented at the Keewatin Country Graduate Student History Conference, Wasagaming, Manitoba, May 3-5, 2012.

Stoesz, Conrad, "Canadian Conscientious Objectors and the Mental Hospital, 1939-1945." Paper presented at the Mennonites, Melancholy and Mental Health: An Historical Critique Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 14-16, 2010.

Stoesz, Conrad "Primary Sources for Reading the CO Experience." Paper presented at the War and the Conscientious Objector: Historical Perspectives conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 20-21, 2006.

Book Reviews

Stoesz, Conrad. Review of Concise Encyclopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites and Mennonites, by Donald B. Kraybill, Journal of Mennonite Studies, 30 (2010): 399-400.

Selection of other articles

Stoesz, Conrad. "A Future Found in History." Mennonite Brethren Herald. January 2012.

Stoesz, Conrad. "General Samuel McRoberts' Photos of Mennonites in Paraguay 1926-1929." Preservings (34) 2014: 57-61.

Other articles have appeared in periodicals such as Mennonite Historian, Canadian Mennonite, MB Herald, Preservings, Christian Leader, and Heritage Posting.

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