Anika Reynar

Admissions Counsellor

Anika Reynar




Growing up in Olds, Alberta, Anika developed a love for the prairies, the mountains, and any activity that took her outside. While Anika now calls Winnipeg home, she still sometimes mixes up her directions without the mountains to mark the west horizon!

Anika graduated from CMU in 2017 with an Interdisciplinary major (Honours) in Social Ecology. Throughout her degree, Anika explored the intersections between philosophy, sociology, theology, and ecology. Anika came to really appreciate the sort of learning that happens in the connections between different people, places and classes. As an Admissions Counsellor, Anika is excited to invite others to image the pathways, questions, and connections they may want to explore in their time at CMU.

When not in the office, you can most often find Anika riding her bike, engaged in a good conversation over a cup of coffee, helping to grow vegetables at the CMU Farm, or sitting in front of a canvas with a paintbrush in hand. Anika is a book lover, flute player, and church goer; she is a member of Hope Mennonite Church.

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