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Mattea Nickel

Admissions Counsellor

Mattea Nickel





204.487.3300 ext. 657

Mattea was raised on a farm just outside Rosenfeld, Manitoba where she realized the remote nature of rural life was just a little too quiet for her liking. As an energetic youngster, Mattea moved to Europe to study and travel only to learn she missed the comforts of Manitoba living. She settled in Winnipeg to attend CMU and graduated with an Interdisciplinary major in Creation Care and a minor in Biblical Theological Studies in 2018.

Throughout her degree Mattea has explored how and why systems evolve and adapt over time. She studied Economics, Politics, International Development, and History to understand local and global resiliency today and in the future!

As an Admissions Counsellor, Mattea is excited to walk alongside others as they embark on their academic journey. She loves to get excited about the ideas and questions new minds will bring to CMU! When not in the office, Mattea enjoys cooking large pots of cabbage-based soups, serving it to people around her, and enjoying the conversation that follows. You can also find her camping, hiking, cycling, or puttering around her garden. 

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