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Lois Nickel

Director of Enrolment Services

Lois Nickel





204.487.3300 ext. 652



Lois Nickel leads the enrolment team at CMU.  Admissions counsellors and administration staff under her leadership invite students to attend CMU as their place of study. Strategizing, planning events, overseeing travel, and working with other departments all in goal of growing the CMU student body are Lois' job.

Lois joined CMU in August 2011 coming from senior management positions in both non-profit and retail businesses. Leading roles in both the church and the camping ministry prior to senior management mean that Lois brings organizational and leadership skills to CMU that lend themselves to teamwork and achieving goals. Lois is also an alumnus of MBBC, one of CMU's former colleges.

Lois says that CMU is a community that fosters growth and challenge for staff, faculty, and students making it a place easy to be excited about for recruitment and to work within.

Outside of her work, Lois enjoys hiking in both Manitoba and the Rockies, cycling in Bird's Hill Park and to work, kayaking with her husband on Manitoba's many lakes and rivers (and also Ontario's, BC's, and Alberta's too), and reading novels. Trying a new restaurant out (anywhere!) is a favourite pastime as well.

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