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Wesley Toews

Research Grants Facilitator

Wesley Toews


Research Office



204.487.3300 ext. 325



Wesley began working for the Mennonite College Federation in 1998 as an executive assistant for the academic deans of the three colleges that eventually formed CMU, supporting their work toward establishing its academic programs. Before that, he served for nine years as instructor at the U Manitoba, U Winnipeg, Canadian Mennonite Bible College, and Concord College, sometimes working part-time for each of the four institutions. Wesley earned a PhD in Biblical Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1990.

Wesley and his wife Sherry have two adult sons, Kinsey and DeLayne, and a daughter Amanda by marriage to Kinsey.  Kinsey and Amanda have two sons named Lyle and Ari, who bring much delight to their grandparents. Wesley’s favourite things include reading novels, vegetable gardening, building things (especially when it's with either DeLayne or Kinsey on one of their construction sites or in one of their homes), learning from books, and hearing CMU’s choirs.

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