Christopher Neufeld

Director of Information Technology

Christopher Neufeld


Information Technology



204.487.3300 ext. 639



Christopher is CMU's friendly, neighbourhood Director of IT. As such, he is working to change the stereotype of IT folk and cultivate an environment in which people feel comfortable approaching the IT department with questions and be confident they will receive a response that is friendly, understandable, and helpful.

As the Director of IT, he splits his time between technical and leadership/management tasks. This includes developing strategy and vision for the IT needs of the campus and empowering staff and faculty to take advantage of technology to better do their job. He's also highly involved in the network and security elements at our institution, doing the technical work as well as developing and writing policy.

Along with his position in the IT Department, Christopher is also a part-time student at CMU and is taking classes to complete an MA in Christian Ministry.

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