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Mitch Krohn

Admissions Coordinator

Mitch Krohn





204.487.3300 ext. 656



Mitch Krohn has been a committed student and staff member of CMU.   As Admissions Coordinator, it is his job to look at potential student’s transcripts and assess their eligibility to study at CMU.  He is also serves as a key Admissions Counsellor for International Students.

Mitch joined CMU in August 2005, months after graduating with his Master’s degree.  He served as an admissions counsellor for seven years, and Enrolment Coordinator for three years, before taking his current role.  Prior to working at CMU, he served as a Youth Pastor, Youth and College program Coordinator, and Global Missions and Program Coordinator for the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conference. Mitch is an alumnus of Concord College, one of CMU's former colleges, and University of Winnipeg (with a BA and MDiv).

Mitch believes in CMU, its vision, its mission, and its dedication to building community and to student’s growth and success.

In 2016 Mitch survived a major spinal injury and stroke.  It has impeded a lot of his physical abilities, but outside of work, he is still quite active in theatre and performs regularly with his improv comedy troupe. 

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