Verna Wiebe

Director of Community School of Music & the Arts

Verna Wiebe


Community School of Music & the Arts



204.487.3300 ext. 687



The Community School of Music & the Arts (CSMA), a program of the CMU School of Music, provides private and group instruction for over 300 children and adults in music, drama and art. As Director, Verna oversees the development of programs and the recruiting of instructors. CSMA has expanded to include classes for home schooled families and services in music therapy. In addition, a program for mentoring senior CMU students as instructors has been developed.

Verna is well known in the Winnipeg community for her fine work as a collaborative artist with singers, instrumentalists, and choirs. Verna is the pianist for the Winnipeg Singers, and has performed together with the Winnipeg Philharmonic, Mennonite Festival Chorus, and Pembina Trails Voices.

As a CMU School of Music Faculty member, Verna has been key to the establishment of CMU's innovative approach to collaborative musical performance. She has a passion for equipping students with practical skills for music making in the real world. Verna has taught piano at all levels from group beginner classes to senior university students. 

Verna is active in leading worship music at Charleswood Mennonite Church. She and her husband Bob have three grown children.

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