Communications & Media

Why Major in Communications?

CMU’s Communications and Media program prepares you for a life of work and service as a creative communicator in media industries, non-profit organizations, church, and business.

Develop your ability to think creatively and critically, as well as tell stories using audio and video technology. Learn strong oral and written communication, as well as the ability to speak publicly and persuade people. Group communication, problem solving, production management skills, intercultural competence, and bringing Christian faith to life are more skills you will develop.

You will also expand your capacity to evaluate and produce stories, and engage in experiential learning with industry leaders.

At CMU, we know that group and interpersonal communication skills are essential to navigating the complexities of human relations in goal-oriented environments. We believe that expanding your creative potential involves using faith-shaped thinking to examine the ways society tells stories and communicates values. We provide strategic industry partnerships as stepping-stones into future employment through course-level projects and intensive practicum placements.

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