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Why CMU?

 The unique context of study that CMU offers constitutes a significant advantage for Geography students.  While our program is small, requiring students to complete some of their requirements at other universities in the area, CMU offers students the opportunity to study Geography within an interdisciplinary, theologically grounded framework of understanding, in a community that prioritizes intentional fellowship with others and the earth, self-examination, and stewardship of God's creation.

In your Geographical studies at CMU, you will be pushed to ask difficult questions about your own worldview as it pertains to human-environmental interactions.  You will be required to consider seriously how you as an individual, and how we as a society make decisions according to our concept of our relationship with and within the places where we live, work and play.

For example: what are the implications of an anthropocentric attitude toward ecology? How should a claim to Christian faith impact our attitudes toward sustainable development, or resource extraction?

The CMU Farm is another element that makes CMU a rich context for Geographical study, prioritizing issues of peace and sustainability, just food systems, land rights, stewardship, distribution and redistribution, etc.

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