Why Major in Geography?

Geography comprises two major branches: Physical Geography, considered a natural science, and Human Geography, considered a social science. CMU's Geography program is a Bachelor of Arts degree program, meaning we focus primarily on Human Geography.

Our program is offered within a highly integrative context which includes the potential for overlap between Geography, and International Development Studies, Political Studies, Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies, and/or Biblical & Theological Studies, to name a few. This emphasis on interdisciplinary discourse, combined with our small class sizes, means our students will actively hone their writing and integrative critical thinking skills.

We also place significant emphasis on practical application; all CMU students are required to complete a practicum, and the new CMU Farm affords wonderful hands-on learning opportunities to Geography students in particular. 

Consequently, graduates of CMU's Geography program emerge versatile, well-rounded, critical thinkers with excellent research and communication skills, able to apply their training practically in a variety of careers.

If you are looking for a dynamic, relevant teachable subject for a career in education, or want to feed your curiosity about geographical and environmental issues, or wonder what impact geography has on social factors like culture, crime, wealth distribution and trade, Geography could be the place for you!  

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