What Will I Study?

The scope of the History program at CMU spans from the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia to the present day. The Reformation, the Renaissance, French Revolution and other time periods are all examples of eras covered.

Some of the classes students can take include History of Colonial Canada, Religion and Conflict in Historical Perspective, and History of the United States, and the Fifties & Sixties—North America Cold, Cool and Radical.

In upper-level History courses, students choose a topic they find compelling, and are supervised as they undertake their own original research. They then organize and present their findings.

Recent projects completed by upper-level CMU History students include a study of rock and roll in 1960s/1970s Winnipeg, the business history of the Winnipeg Arena, Welsh and the Red River Settlement, Lower Fort Garry and First Nations Treaty, and Kerouac and the Beat Movement. 

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