Why Major in Mathematics?

The benefits of an education in mathematics are many and various:

First, as math is the language of science and technology, we must be mathematically literate if we are also to be scientifically literate. A background in math is essential for effectiveness in the natural sciences, engineering, computer science, architecture, medicine, etc., and can be an invaluable asset in many other fields.

Math also teaches us to see and think about problems in entirely new ways. It offers us fresh perspectives from which to approach complex issues in many contexts, sometimes by enabling us to peel away the context and evaluate the bare information: mathematical thinking allows us to analyze data in the abstract.  

Math describes our world: it allows us to see all the things that surround us daily, and the ways in which they relate and interact, in a completely different light! Math, in the theoretical, has an uncanny habit of applying itself in unlikely ways: we invent new maths for the sheer joy of playing with numbers and patterns, only to discover that these new maths actually help us describe and understand the universe.

Not only is math powerful and wondrous and deeply relevant, it is also beautiful; it has an aesthetic all its own. Take the golden ratio for example, which is startlingly ubiquitous, appearing in the spiraling patterns of sunflowers and pinecones, historic symphonies, famous works of art, and even the human body! Or venture into the realm of infinity: in mathematics we have no trouble mapping out, evaluating, even manipulating infinities of all different shapes and sizes.

If any of this grips you, if this is what you find fascinating and provocative, Mathematics could be the major for you.

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