Natural Sciences

Why CMU?

Why CMU?

By situating scientific inquiry within a liberal arts context, CMU offers students the unique advantage of a highly integrative approach to learning. Students of science at CMU will be encouraged to draw connections across fields of study, and to consider the implications of their lessons far outside the lab.

As part of this interdisciplinary approach, CMU is pleased to announce a Biochemistry Minor is now available as part of the Arts and Sciences Major—an integrative degree program designed for students with broad interests. 

This program situates you in something larger than just Chemistry, or just Philosophy; this is a program for students who ask questions like “what can Le Chatelier’s Principle tell us about the dynamics of group behavior, or human coping mechanisms?”

CMU is also proud to offer a highly individual, hands-on learning experience to each of our science students. Thanks to our new science lab, erected in 2010, and our small class sizes, intro-level students at CMU can expect a lot more individual attention, and many more opportunities to apply what they learn in the lab than intro-level students of larger universities. 

We have also recently developed new scholarships for science students, including the Richard Penner Arts and Science Scholarship, valued at $2,000.

CMU offers all the science courses you need to complete your pre-professional studies for entrance into programs such as nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, and others. All of our science courses are fully transferrable for credit at other universities, and many CMU science students have already gone on to obtain excellent internship placements and professional careers across Canada.

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