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Natural Sciences

Why Study the Natural Sciences?

While CMU does not yet offer enough science courses for students to major, developing a background in natural science to round out another degree is an excellent choice for any student. Many students majoring in other fields find science enhances their understanding and application of their chosen subject(s) in exciting and unexpected ways:

Biology, for example, is a popular complement for students majoring in Psychology; it can also provide International Development students with valuable ecology insight.

Physics is a perfect match for Math majors, and can integrate beautifully with music by informing students’ understanding of acoustics.

A science background of any sort can also be invaluable for English students who aspire to write in genres such as science fiction, or crime/detective fiction. 

Furthermore, scientific studies offer great practice in critical thinking, and help students to develop exceptional organizational and analytical skills, all of which are highly applicable to other fields. Naturally, science courses can also form an integral part of pre-professional studies.

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