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Please list any friends and/or relatives who currently attend or have attended CMU, Outtatown, MSC, or predecessor colleges (CMBC, MBBC, Concord):
What is their relationship to you?
I plan to make the following housing arrangements: * Live on Campus (Be a Resident Student) – Apply Now
(You can fill out the Online Housing Application Form at a later date)
Live Off Campus (Be a Commuter Student)
How did you hear about CMU? * Radio/Print Advertising
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Other Relative
Church Visit
Pastor/Youth Leader
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School Counsellor/Teacher
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Peace It Together Conference
What is your #1 influence for choosing CMU? CMU Admissions Counsellor
Church Leader
Class Sizes
CMU's Faculty
Faith-Based University
School Counsellor/Teacher
CMU's Programs
Step 2: Accessibility
Would you like more information on our accessibility policies, declarations, and required forms? Please respond "yes" if you may require accommodation* for physical, learning, or mental health reasons.
*Accommodation may include physical limitations, learning disabilities, allergies, or mental health issues you have. Declaration is always voluntary. CMU strives to provide a fair and supportive learning environment for academically qualified students with disabilities. Disabilities include both mental and physical conditions which meet the following criteria: The condition is permanent, ongoing, episodic, or of some persistence, and the condition causes a significant limit for the person in carrying out some of life's major activities.
Step 3: Educational Information
Have you ever registered or are you currently registered in a post-secondary institution?
Have you ever been required to withdraw from studies at another university or college because of unsatisfactory performance or for disciplinary reasons?
Please list in chronological order the high schools (since grade 11), colleges, and universities attended (name, location, dates attended, graduation date). Applicants must disclose and submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions they've attended or are currently attending. Failure to provide a complete academic record is considered academic misconduct and may result in admission being revoked or denied.*
Step 4: CMU Academic Information
Academic Load Full time
Part time
Academic Start Date * January 2021
Academic Status Regular status
(have high school courses that meet regular status entrance req. )
Mature status
(do not have high school courses that meet regular status entrance req., but am 21 years of age or older and am a Canadian)
Transfer status
(have taken courses at another post-secondary institution)
Academic Studies/Interest
You may check more than one.
Year One (I plan to explore courses in a variety of subject areas)
I want to pursue studies in the following program:
Bachelor of Arts
Arts and Sciences
Biblical and Theological Studies
Business and Organizational Administration
Communications and Media
Environmental Studies
International Development Studies
Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies
Political Studies
Social Science
  Bachelor of Science
General (3 year only)
  Bachelor of Business Administration
Business Management
Human Resource Management
Not-for-Profit Management
Social Entrepreneurship
I would like to apply for direct entry into the Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op track
  Bachelor of Music
Musical Education
Music Ministry
  Bachelor of Music Therapy
Music Therapy
  Pre-Professional Studies
Human Ecology
Medical Rehabilitation
Physical Education and Recreation Studies
Social Work
Athletics & Other
CMU teams play in the Manitoba Colleges Athletics Conference (MCAC). CMU has men's and women's teams in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Please indicate if you would like to try out for a CMU sports team. (You may choose more than one.)
Other Interests I would like to get a job on campus
I am interested in CMU's Choirs/Ensembles/Worship Band
I play an instrument:
Step 5: Autobiographical Sketch
To help us know more about you, please give us a brief overview of your personal interests, vocational goals, aspects of your personal faith journey that you wish to share, and your reasons for wanting to attend CMU. (Minimum 25 words.) *
Step 6: Student Commitment
I commit myself to learning-to attending classes and working on assignments as required by my program of study. I will abide by CMU policies for academic and student life.
I commit myself to become a contributing member of the CMU community, to develop relationships with other students, professors, and staff, to be involved as my gifts, time, and interests allow, and to share my opinions and listen respectfully to the opinions of others.
Note: Your personal information provided on this form will be used by CMU for purposes of admission, registration, and communication with you. Your information will be provided, as required, to Statistics Canada, to the Council on Postsecondary Education in Manitoba, and to other authorized government departments. Your name, address, year-level, church affiliation, declared program, and the name of your high school will be shared with CMU's offices working with External connections including student recruitment, development, and alumni. Alumni records will be maintained indefinitely for purposes of maintaining contact with former students.
By applying to CMU or any of its programs, I give consent to the submission of personal data to Manitoba Finance for purposes of administration and enforcement of the Manitoba Tuition Fee Income Tax Credit Program.
I agree *
Date * (yyyy-mm-dd)
Step 7: Application Fee
Application Type * Save Application and Apply at a Later Date
Canada/U.S. Citizens (Until Nov. 30 for 2021 Apps): No Fee
Canada/U.S. Citizens: $80 Fee (non-refundable)
International Applicant (Any Date): $150 Fee (non-refundable)
Other Payment Arrangements Authorized by CMU Admissions
(This refers to a payment-is-waived code provided by your admissions counsellor and approved by the Director of Enrolment.)
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Note: Your application will remain active and open to allow time for your official transcripts to reach CMU. To ensure that you are accepted and eligible to register for courses, send your transcripts promptly.

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