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In order to serve you better, please disclose information that may require accommodation for physical, learning, and mental health reasons. This may include any physical limitations, learning disabilities, allergies, or mental health issues you have. This declaration is voluntary. Please note, CMU strives to provide a fair and supportive learning environment for academically qualified students with disabilities. Disabilities include both mental and physical conditions, which meet the following criteria: The condition is permanent, ongoing, episodic, or of some persistence, and the condition causes a significant limit for the person in carrying out some of life's major activities.
Step 3: Educational Information
Please list in chronological order the high schools (since grade 11), colleges and universities attended (name, location, dates attended, graduation date) *
Note: If you are in high school, college, or university you need to mail an official interim transcript to CMU. If you have completed high school, college, or university, you must also provide an official transcript. Photocopies and faxes are not acceptable. See the Apply Online page for instructions about sending official transcripts to CMU.
I wish to join Outtatown in * September 2019
How would you rate yourself in the following categories?
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Describe your involvement with your local church. *
Please describe an experience that removed you from your comfort zone. How did you overcome the challenge? *
Describe how you handle conflict/difficult situations. *
Why do you want to participate in the Outtatown program? What do you hope to accomplish in this year? *
What will be your biggest challenge if you go on an Outtatown school? *
What are the three best things that you bring to the school? *
As a discipleship program, our focus is on inspiring students to follow Jesus. Tell us why this focus is of interest to you. *
Describe your relationship with God (both past and current) and what you are doing to grow in your faith. *
What's the long term plan for your life: Any special plans or aspirations you're considering or dreaming about? *
Right after the Outtatown experience, I plan to: * Work for a While
Go to College
Go to University
Are there other things about you that you would like us to know (family, work, gifts, etc.)? *
How did you hear about us?
How did you hear about CMU & Outtatown? * Radio/Print Advertising
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Outtatown Student/Alum
CMU Student/Alum
CMU Faculty/Staff
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Church Visit
Pastor/Youth Leader
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Guidance Counsellor/Teacher
School Coach
Peace It Together Conference
What is Your #1 Influence for Choosing CMU? CMU Admissions Counsellor
Church Leader
Class Sizes
CMU's Faculty
Faith-Based University
Guidance Counsellor/Teacher
CMU's Programs
Reference #1
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Reference #2
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Reference Forms I have given reference forms to the 2 people named above
Additional Information
(This information is required due to the nature of a traveling community, international legal issues and the work we do with children and youth ministries.)
Have you ever been suspended or expelled from a secondary or post secondary school? *
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanour or felony? *
If the answer is yes to either question, please explain the circumstances and date of incident(s).
Step 4: Commitment & Confirmation
Your Outtatown Commitment
It is important that you are . . .
  • a seeker committed to growth in your understanding of Jesus Christ and the Christian life.
  • willing to respect and work with Outtatown staff.
  • willing to be involved in activities of churches and communities where you go with Outtatown.
  • willing to be flexible, adjusting to new ideas and cultures.
  • willing to live within a group, and work at problems and relationships with honesty.
  • willing to live simply and healthily, respectful of other cultures.
Note: Your personal information provided on this form will be used by CMU for purposes of admission, registration, and communication with you. Your information will be provided, as required, to Statistics Canada, to the Council on Postsecondary Education in Manitoba, and to other authorized government departments. Your name, address, year-level, church affiliation, declared program, and the name of your high school will be shared with CMU's offices working with External connections including student recruitment, development, and alumni. Alumni records will be maintained indefinitely for purposes of maintaining contact with former students.
By applying to CMU or any of its programs, I give consent to the submission of personal data to Manitoba Finance for purposes of administration and enforcement of the Manitoba Tuition Fee Income Tax Credit Program.
Confirmation * I confirm that the above statements and supplied information are true
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Date * (yyyy-mm-dd)
In order to complete processing of this application, please obtain two references.
Step 5: Application Fee
Application Type * Until November 30: No Fee
After November 30: $80 Fee (non-refundable)
Other Payment Arrangements Authorized by CMU Admissions
(Contact us at or 204.487.3300 if you require a code.)

Note: Your application will not be complete until your application fee, official transcripts, and reference letters have been received.