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Bridge-builder Profile: Moses & Jessica Falco

Most people wait until after graduation to give back to their alma mater, but not Moses Falco. While he was still a student, Falco and his wife, Jessica, bought a tile in support of the Connect Campaign to fund the construction of Marpeck Commons.

“Giving is part of what we think it means to be faithful followers of Jesus,” says Falco, who will graduate next month with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media.

Falco saw buying a tile as an opportunity to give back to an institution that has helped shape his life.

“It’s a great building and a great space where good things are happening, and it’s cool to be able to say we helped in bringing that about,” he says. “We didn’t give much compared to how much everything costs—it’s barely a drop in the bucket—but when many people give a little, it starts to add up.”

Falco grew up in Toronto and attended a Baptist church with his family.

He never envisioned studying at CMU, but after marrying a Mennonite woman, moving to Winnipeg, and becoming involved at Sterling Mennonite Church, he felt CMU would be a good fit when it came time to start his post-secondary studies.

“CMU has this diverse program that I like,” Falco says. “It just seemed like the right school... especially when I (came) to visit and talked to some of the folks here, like (Assistant Professor of Communications and Media) David Balzer. They made me feel very comfortable.”

Falco has felt called to work in the church for a long time.

He chose to study Communications and Media at CMU because he envisioned himself eventually studying theology at the graduate level, and felt that focusing on something else during his undergrad would give him an additional set of skills while working as a pastor.

In the midst of studying, Falco was hired as a graphic designer in the communications department at Mennonite Church Canada. He balanced that role with his studies at CMU for two-and-a-half years.

Then, when his church was looking for a pastor, they asked him to apply. He got the job, and has been the church’s pastor for six months.

As he prepares to graduate, Falco says he is thankful for his time at CMU.

“Professors really care about the journey you’re on,” he says. “They don’t care just about your grades, but about you as a person and where you’re going in life.”

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