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To begin classes in Fall 2020, applications must be received by August 1, 2020 with transcripts for USA citizens.

Why is CMU an excellent choice for those of you from the USA? Read on to find out!

There are so many reasons that American students find CMU an appealing and advantageous place to study, grow and prepare for their careers:


Why Canada? Why CMU?

Rigorous Academics, Faith-filled Community

At CMU you are not just a number. You will experience strong academic rigour of a top university within a faith-filled, friendly and supportive community. You are a name and a face that will have opportunities to actively explore who you are in conversation with friends and faculty that care. Who knows, you may even discover your life's calling.

As a small University, CMU is proud to offer students an outstanding education, which is proven to better equip them for graduate studies than many of the surrounding, larger universities. e offer a variety of dynamic majors and degree programs, emphasizing interdisciplinary discourse and excellent written and oral communication skills. This combination puts our grads far ahead of their peers for graduate studies.

In addition to offering Bachelor of Arts Degrees (18 different majors), we also offer a Bachelor of MusicBachelor of Music Therapy—not available anywhere else in the prairie provinces— Bachelor of Business Administration including a co-op option, and a Bachelor of Science. Unique only to a few schools, at CMU Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies and International Development Studies are both accepted majors within the BA.


Admission Requirements

Considering CMU? American applicants may be considered for admission to the university when they meet the following criteria:

  • 5 Grade 12 courses
  • C (70% or 2.0) average in English and 2 grade 12 academic subjects
  • At minimum of C (70% or 2.0) in an English or Literature Class
  • C (70% or 2.0) overall average

  • They have an acceptable score on the SAT I or ACT plus Writing

Note: All of our degrees require students to take some Biblical and Theological Studies courses—courses that can challenge you, help you grow in your faith and ensure that your faith remains an integral part of your studies and plans for a career.


Health Care for US Citizens

All US students are automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan provided by during their studies at CMU. has provided health insurance to international students since 1998. Enrollment in the more plan is mandatory for all international students.

Further details can be found here (scroll down to the third section) and on the website for CMU.


Deeply Invested, Highly Qualified Faculty

All CMU courses are taught by outstanding, dedicated faculty, about 90% of whom hold doctoral degrees from well-known universities. Our professors also care deeply, not only about the subjects they teach, but also the people they teach—they are a significant part of why CMU is such a great place to learn.

Instructors like these and smaller class sizes, mean students write more, receive better feedback on assignments, and have more opportunity to participate in class discussion, making the most of their education. CMU is proud to offer these academic advantages, and proud of the strong professor/student relationships that result from this unique class-room chemistry.

Furthermore, as CMU is a Christian community dedicated to discipleship, service, and learning together, professors expect to learn from you just as you will learn from them. Like you, they are still on the way to greater wholeness; this knowledge makes them compassionate and approachable despite being academically tough.


Outstanding Value

Studying in Canada costs less than half of what it does to study at comparable colleges and universities in the USA. CMU receives financial support from the Government, also from Mennonite Church Canada and the Mennonite Brethren Churches of Manitoba, plus hundreds of individual donors.

In 2020-21, it will cost about the equivalent of $14,000 (USD) to take a full course-load, buy your books, pay all fees, participate in sports, stay in residence and be part of the all-you-can-eat dining hall meal plan. And that's without any grants, scholarships, or bursaries subtracted from the cost!

Why not see what students thought about the value of their CMU experience.

The Globe & Mail noted the great affordability of Canadian education for American students. Please read the article outlining the wonderful potential alternative for study in Canada:  U.S. Students eye universities 'at a reduced price' in Canada.

Basic costs (in Canadian dollars) of one academic year (September to April) of full-time study while living in on-campus housing as a single student are:

Undergraduate Tuition $11,904.00 CND Based on 10 courses at $1190.40 per course (excludes any applicable lab fees)
Graduate Tuition: Master of Arts & Master of Divinity $7,124.40 CND Based on 6 courses at $1190.40 per course
GraduateTuition: Master of Business $36,000.00 CND Approximation based on $27,324 USD. (or $759 USD per credit hour)
Student Services Fees $800.00 CND Based on 10 courses
Books & Fees $2,100.00 CND (approximate)
Room & Board $6,600.00 CND (or more depending on your option)
Personal Effects $500.00 CND  
Health Insurance Fee $789.00 CND  

If you plan to live on campus from May–August, there are additional room and board charges estimated at $2,000–3,000. - view a PDF of the full fee breakdown


More about Scholarships:

Academic Entrance Scholarships are available only to first-year students entering CMU Shaftesbury Campus who have completed high school within the previous five years but have completed no more than nine credit hours at another post-secondary institution. No application for these scholarships is necessary.

American Students whose application material (application form, relevant official transcript, and application fee) has been received by February 28 will receive scholarships as follows:

  • $3,000 for 95–100%; GPA 3.75-4.0; A+
  • $2,000 for 90–94.9%; GPA 3.5-3.749; A/A-
  • $1,000 for 85–89.9%; GPA 3.29-3.49; B-/B/B+

Make sure you read further about more Scholarships and Awards!

Note: If you are from Minnesota, CMU participates with the Government of Manitoba in a reciprocity agreement meaning Minnesota residents pay Canadian tuition rates at CMU.

More information about costs

While CMU does not participate in FAFSA, we do offer American students equal opportunity to apply for CMU student aid, i.e. scholarships, bursaries, grants, etc. Church matching grants offer a special advantage to American students, as CMU will match an American church contribution for you up $1,000 (Canadians can have $500 matched) in recognition of the higher international student tuition rates.

Furthermore, American students have the ability to apply for on-campus and/or off-campus employment.

For student loans, American students are advised to consult their personal bank; American students with dual citizenship (American-Canadian) can apply for Canadian student loans to the province in which their parents last resided.


CMU is a member of Universities Canada, the body that represents 96 of Canada's public and private universities. Through membership in Universities Canada, CMU students applying for graduate school or other professional programs can be assured that their bachelor's degrees will be fully recognized.

What other opportunities does CMU offer?


The Outtatown Discipleship School is a unique, one or two-semester certificate program of Canadian Mennonite University. Outtatown offers recent high school grads (ages 17-22) a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the world, gain new exposure and experiences, build lifelong relationships, grow, and learn more about God, their world, and themselves.

To read recent blogs relating to current Outtatown groups and their experiences, click here!


Come visit us!

Choosing a university is a big decision, and coming to a different country to study makes it seem even more complex. If you want to learn more, call us toll-free at 1.877.231.4570 or get in touch with an Admissions Counsellor!

If you want an in-person look at what studying at CMU could be like, you can also visit us during Campus Visit Days to sit-in on classes, meet professors, and visit with current students! We'll even help with the travel costs.



Apply before November 30 and we will waive the application fee. Apply before February 28 to be eligible for scholarships.

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