Career Resourcing

Know Yourself

The first step in exploring your career or vocation is knowing yourself. Taking time to explore your values, aptitudes, passions, and opportunities is a vital part of your discernment process.

Below are some worksheets to help you narrow down your career interests and suitability.
Tip: We recommend you work through them in the order they are listed.

Worksheet 1: Your Values
Worksheet 2: Your Aptitudes
Worksheet 3: Career Planning - Four Pillars



Consider having a "career" conversation with  your Faculty advisor once a year. Furthermore, a career counselor is available for free one-on-one conversation, résumé review, and job strategizing. Email for an appointment.


Travel/Study Opportunities

The Outtatown Discipleship School is a unique, one or two-semester certificate program of Canadian Mennonite University. We provide an incredible year for recent high school grads looking to travel, serve others, learn more about God and the world, make lifelong friends, and experience 'once-in-a-lifetime' adventure.


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