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What can I do with my CMU degree? This is a common question for most students. We've outlined career paths on our website and invite you to check out the links below.

Pathways at CMU

A Pathway is a set of three to four courses on related themes, ideas, content, or methodologies. Pathways present opportunities for faculty and students across disciplines and majors to work together on the "big questions", and to think in creative and new ways about them. Students taking all or some of the courses of a Pathway have the opportunity to explore resonant issues in all their real complexity, from multiple vantage points.

Pathways are scheduled so students can take all of the courses of a Pathway without conflicts among its courses.

We invite you to follow one of our Pathways this year!

To learn more about Pathways at CMU, click HERE.


Pre-Professional Studies

A year or more at CMU could prepare you to meet the entrance requirements for degree programs that are not available at CMU. For details and links to information sheets, click HERE.

To learn more, email the Coordinator of Academic Advising at

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