Registrar's Office

Confirmation of Enrolment

When making the request, ensure:

  • You are already registered in all your courses for the appropriate academic year and session(s).
  • You know your student ID number.
  • You know the program and year in which you are registered.
  • You know the address or fax number of where you want the letter sent.

You may request your letter either by filling out the online form below, or by downloading a printable version of the form and returning your request in one of three ways:

  1. Drop it off at CMU's Shaftesbury Campus south-side reception area
  2. Fax to 1.204.837.7415
  3. Mail to:
    Financial Aid Office
    Canadian Mennonite University
    500 Shaftesbury Boulevard
    Winnipeg, MB R3P 2N2

If the reason for the request is 'Immigration Application', students should download the printable form and meet with the co-coordinator of Advising prior to completing this form.

Email the Financial and Student Services Advisor, or contact them at 204-487-3300 or 1-877-231-4570 if you have further questions.


Online Request for Confirmation of Enrolment Letter

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Request Details
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Reason for Request
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Confirmation Letter
Addressed To
To Whom It May Concern
Confirmation Letter
To Be
Sent to my student mailbox at CMU, Box #:  
Faxed to the following number:  
Mailed to the following person(s):
Picked up by me on this date:  
(Allow three business days from the date of request. Letter can be picked up at the CMU campus south-side reception area.)
The letter consists of your full name, your student number here at CMU, your enrolment
status, and the start and end date of your current enrolment including number of weeks of
study. If you require any extra information to be added, please indicate this here:
I affirm that I am the student for which the letter is intended *    
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